November 27, 2023

Insight into SIRA Security Strategy

By: Rodha Abdulla Almheiri,
SIRA – Strategic and Future Department


Dubai Strategy – Dubai’s strategy in the private security sector is an integrated approach to provide protection for individuals and property against potential security risks and threats, whilst adapting to the rapid development of the security systems sector and enhancing the skills of security professionals in the region. In addition, supporting innovation in the development of security programs and technology, which enhances the growth of the Emirate and raises the level of security awareness.

Enterprise Strategy – The formation of the Security Industry Regulatory Agency, which is considered the first of its kind in the world, in terms of integration between security systems and the private security industry, that crosses worldwide technological progress and the smart transformation witnessed by the Emirate of Dubai. With the Agencies vision of “security leadership for sustainable protection” and its mission to prepare future security plans, develop strategies and programs aimed at enhancing the security environment of the Emirate of Dubai.

The Agency, through the implementation of the plans, aims to involve all security partners in the United Arab Emirates to enhance public security, reduce current and future internal and external risks and challenges, in the selection, application and adoption of International best practices for security systems in the Emirate of Dubai.

The security industry strategy aims to regulate the security sector in the Emirate of Dubai, enforce a regulatory framework for a set of clear and effective measures and procedures, and to provide an oversight over security service providers to ensure the provision of the best security services to its clients, and to ensure unified standards based on international best practices.

The legal framework based on the strategic objectives and the vision of future foresight and crime prevention, the laws and legislations regulate the process of providing the best protection for facilities in vital sectors, including the financial, tourism, service, residential and other sectors exposed to risks whilst enhancing the vitality of the labor market in the Emirate of Dubai.

Through adaptation, flexibility and harmony between legislations, administrative procedures, and technical requirements the Agency provides the security industry with the best resources and information to enhance competencies and capabilities for individuals, companies, and society.

Regulatory framework – This strategy also contributes to creating a regulatory framework for the private security sector, which includes the qualification and training of security professionals by developing training curricula and supervising security training centers in the Emirate of Dubai. These security training qualifications have been specially designed to enhance their skills and raising the standards of security professionals for the protection of facilities and individuals.

To maintain the Emirate of Dubai’s status as one of the safest and most luxurious cities in the world, these standards for smart security systems have been set to enhance commitment and cooperation between the various stakeholders in the emirate and provide an urban, safe, integrated, smart, and sustainable experience.

Economic and commercial security – To enhance Dubai’s position as a leading global city in the modern economic world and its ability to face new challenges and security threats, the Agency, through its strategy and the development of innovative security legislation, policies and standards contribute to creating a safe investment environment to preserve the security of commercial establishments through administrative and technical synthetic intelligence.

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