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SALTO Systems Introduces New Structure and Leadership

SALTO Systems, a global market leader in keyless electronic access control, announces a significant transformation to adapt to the evolving landscape and position the company for continued success. The group unveils its new identity as SALTO WECOSYSTEM, symbolizing a comprehensive evolution, embracing a holistic approach, and reflecting the company’s commitment to
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Iris ID Drives Multi-Modal Biometric Adoption in Middle East

Iris ID Systems, Inc., a global leader in iris recognition technology is at the forefront of accelerating multi-modal iris and face biometric adoption in the United Arab Emirates and surrounding Middle Eastern countries. Since 2013, Iris ID has pioneered its advanced identity authentication solutions with deployments at major Middle East airports and numerous government
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DoorBird Presents the New Contact-free Call Button module

Ring the doorbell just by moving your hand: The innovative contact-free call button module makes access safe, easy, and healthy. DoorBird launches another innovation: The new contact-free call button module enables doors to be opened without having to touch them. This technology was developed to promote safe, simple, and aseptic use, and not just in […]
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Security 50: Growth has returned to security industry

Most of the companies on the Security 50 list achieved significant growth in 2021. However, 2022 ends with the security industry beginning to address issues that point to major challenges in 2023. In last year’s Security 50, something unprecedented happened, with more companies – 28 – reporting revenue declines than growth in the height of […]

Intercoms In The Post-Pandemic Era

Security has evolved with the pandemic. Video surveillance, for example, now has fever detection, mask detection and social distancing functions. Access control, meanwhile, now allows contact tracing if an infected individual has visited an end user entity. In a similar vein, intercoms are also seeing new innovations in the wake of the pandemic. “Covid has […]

6 Key Trends That Define Today’s Intercoms

Intercoms are important devices that control access to buildings. Overtime, they have evolved into advanced devices that meet end users’ various needs. This note identifies some of the latest trends in intercoms. Intercoms are an important part of a building’s security. They may be overlooked compared to video surveillance and access control, yet they are no […]
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Hikvision Introduces Unique All-In-One Video Intercom Access Control Terminal

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched the DS-K1T501, a unique all-in-one video intercom terminal for access control. This provides a cost-effective solution packed into one small form. The terminal brings together access control, video surveillance and video intercom systems functionality, offering