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Suprema Makes a Deal with Neom City Project

Suprema, a company known for its work in the AI integrated security solutions, has secured a job in the Neom Villa project at its building site, a modern project designed to build a future city in Saudi Arabia, based on Suprema’s post on social media.

According to the ET News article, it is the contribution of an access control solution to Neom Hospital that led to the successful signing of the contract for the Neom Villa project.

The article describes Neomvilla as living quarters for senior managers, builders, and engineers for as long as the construction of Neomcity continues. It is expected that Suprema will earn the title of a standard provider of access control systems for all future Neom City operations, due to their successive arrangements for Neom hospital and Neomvilla projects.

The article further states that Suprema’s business in the Middle East market is increasing by prohe Middle East last year, it expanded its market share in different countries of the region, which includes Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (PIF), IT service provider ELM, UAE’s hotel chain ADNH, Egypt’s Bank Már, the Ministry of Defense’s Special Army and HSBC banks as well.viding access control systems to large-scale housing. Pearl Qatar’s artificial island, a 40,000 person multipurpose residence, acted last year as another introduction to a Suprema access control solution. Reaching its peak performance in t

According to ET News, the CEO of Suprema – Kim Han-cheol – stated that the company is reinforcing its place as an enterprise access control system supplier due to receiving business orders in the Middle East, and not simply a biometric solution provider. It is further stated in the article that the company is increasing the business reach to government agencies, hospitals, and banks.

Finally, as stated in the article, they plan to use their experience in leading enterprise businesses in different industries as a way of growing as an integrated security platform, as well as an access control system supplier in the worldwide market.

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