December 5, 2023
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UAE Pass Authorized by Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance of UAE introduced on Wednesday, the 2nd of August, the authorization of the UAE Pass digital identity for all services it offers across systems, as a way of improving the standard of UAE’s digital life, according to the Emirates News Agency.

Based on the WAM article, this will lead to the improvement of digitalization and overall separation from paper transactions. It is considered to be the first national solution that will enable a digital identity for citizens, residents, and visitors alike, by giving them the opportunity for identification to local and federal governments’ services, as well as various service providers.

It is further stated in the article that the conventional login features on the service page of the Ministry of Finance were replaced. The UAE Pass was implemented instead, beginning in August of the current year. In order to gain interest from its digital services, the Ministry of Finance is encouraging customers to register with their digital identity.

The digital identity solution was invented in order to adhere to the highest security standards, confidentiality, and precision of information. Further objectives include speeding the processes and enhancing the user experience when using the UAE Pass smartphone app (available on the Apple and Google Play Store), according to the WAM article.

Based on the WAM article, the first step after installing the UAE Pass app is activating users’ digital identity accounts by scanning their Emirates ID. That leads to the verification of the information, configuring the PIN, and finally, verifying the account by facial recognition. Users can access services after configuring the UAE Pass without having to type in usernames and passwords, which enables them to sign documents and paperwork digitally and confirm the precision of information.

Allowing users entry to more than 6,000 services provided by more than 130 companies (local, federal governments, and the private sector companies), the UAE Pass is seen as a secure way to login into different websites, government applications, semi-government entities, and private companies, as stated in the Emirates News Agency article.

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