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Uniview Shines with Innovative Technology & Solutions at 2024 Intersec Dubai

Uniview is making waves at the 2024 Intersec Dubai security exhibition with a booth that is abuzz with excitement. The enthusiastic interest from attendees underscores Uniview’s commitment to creating value through partnerships and innovation. Uniview has engaged in fruitful conversations and interactions with customers, unveiling its latest technologies, solutions, smart home new business, and integrated management platform.

Core Technology Advancements

Uniview’s booth has become a focal point of attention, thanks to the unveiling of its advanced technologies. The Tri-Guard 2.0 has received a significant upgrade, now featuring red and blue light alerting, which enhances visibility in adverse weather conditions like rain and fog. Coupled with a high-power 3W speaker, Tri-Guard 2.0 delivers a powerful alert effect for enhanced security. The ColorHunter 2.0 series has also seen major improvements, with smart warm light and smart dual-light options, catering to diverse demands including IP & Analog, Fixed-focal & Vari-focal cameras. The UNV Multiview camera, equipped with multiple lenses in a single unit, effectively replaces multiple conventional cameras, ensuring safety in multiple directions from a single monitoring point. Meanwhile, the UNV Omniview cameras provide a wider field of view with a single installation, eliminating blind spots and reducing the need for multiple cameras, thus saving time and money while improving security and efficiency.

UNV Guard Platform Unveiled

Uniview has taken the opportunity to unveil the UNV Guard, the integrated management platform based on AIoT. This platform seamlessly integrates access control, elevator control, gate barriers, video intercom, alarms, time attendance, visitor management, passenger flow, and other subsystems into a unified management platform. It transforms park management from disjointed systems into one unified, efficient management platform. With 10+ subsystems encompassing CCTV, personnel management, access control, and more, UNV Guard offers a customizable and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Business Park & Retail Solutions

Uniview is also showcasing an array of solutions tailored for business parks and retail environments, For instance, by accurately detecting intrusion activities in the vicinity of business parks, it enhances the security of the surrounding areas. It also precisely monitors parking space availability by managing the flow of pedestrians and vehicles at entrances and exits. In terms of business capabilities, UNV Guard combines various solutions into one platform, including CCTV, personnel and visitor management, access control, video intercom, elevator control, time attendance, patrol management, and data retrieval. It boosts efficiency and quality while reducing costs.

Smart Home Innovations

Uniview’s innovative products designed for small-scale scenarios have garnered significant attention. The Smart Interactive Display offers user-friendly interfaces with quick buttons and various ports to enhance usability. Handwriting functions and teaching tools improve work efficiency and teaching experiences. In the realm of Wi-Fi products, Uniview presents indoor PT Wi-Fi cameras, outdoor bullet Wi-Fi cameras, and outdoor PT Wi-Fi cameras. These products combine devices, cloud services, and apps, catering to both home security and small business needs. Uniview also introduces video intercom products with flexible networking, easy configuration, and CCTV integration. The UNV-Link app allows for intercom communication and remote door opening via mobile phones.

 Uniview’s commitment to innovation and dedication to creating comprehensive security solutions have made its booth a must-visit destination at the 2024 Intersec Dubai security exhibition. Uniview remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering high-quality products and solutions, ensuring that our customers always have access to the most cutting-edge and reliable security technologies. Our unwavering commitment to excellence empowers us to better serve our customers and provide them with solutions that not only address their current needs but also anticipate and cater to their future requirements.

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