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UAE’s GenAI Revolution and Leadership Training

In the “How to revolutionize innovation of AI” session at the World Economic Forum – Davos 2024, held in the UAE pavilion, Amit Joshi, Professor of AI, Analytics and Marketing Strategy at IMD talked about the UAE’s investment in AI and GenAI. He mentioned its reflection on the continuous effort to build an appropriate environment and encouraging framework for improvement of the technology and maximization of benefits for all sectors, according to the Emirates News Agency.

He further talked about the conditions in the UAE which allow progress in the field. It depends on previous accomplishments in terms of AI technology investments and policy development.

An emphasis was placed on the fact that the UAE demonstrated foresight and intellectual guidance by investing in GenAI. To fully maximize this opportunity, it is crucial to educate senior leaders across sectors about the basics of AI and GenAI, as well as to ensure that AI policy allows experimentation the same way as it ensures sensible limits, according to the Emirates News Agency.

The significance of training senior leaders in the public and private sectors to properly understand the fundamentals of GenAI was highlighted. The training would provide a learning opportunity to understand GenAI intelligence, its capabilities and potential applications.

The UAE’s AI Strategy aims to enhance government performance at every level; implement an integrated digital system for efficient problem-solving; make the UAE the leader in AI investments across sectors; and establish new crucial markets with high economic value.

The UAE introduced a new ‘Generative AI’ guide to utilise the applications of GenAI, staying updated on emerging technologies and applying GenAI across various sectors, such as education, healthcare, media, and advanced sciences.

It offers a thorough description of GenAI, explores the challenges of various digital technologies, and suggests the best approach for effective management. It also highlights the significance of data protection and privacy, according to the Emirates News Agency.

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