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METRA: How Your Smart Lockers Support and Drive Your Business 

Do we know which locker is or can be called “smart”?  Any locker that we can open with an RFID card or a PIN code?  Not really. Smart lockers are a bank/group of locker compartments equipped with a networked (smart) locking system of interconnected locks (also called »Smart Locker System«) and remotely managed by locker management software. Metra Smart locks are electromotor-driven locks, as they are proven as the most secure, reliable, and maintenance-free locker locks. Metra smart locks are also made from easily recyclable materials and don’t contain any hazardous materials (ROHS3 compliance).

Access card, mobile app, or mobile wallet for locker access?

When deciding how your locker users will access the lockers, be sure to choose an option that extends both your access security and experience so your locker users can access the building and the lockers the same way, with the same access media. At the same time, your access security also encloses the lockers. For random daily guests/ locker users, RFID or barcode cards or wristbands are used, while mobile apps, wallets, and biometrics are used by “known” users, like employees, students, members, hotel guests, etc.

Metra Smart Locker System supports all locker access options, from cards/fobs and wristbands (RFID) to mobile apps and wallets (NFC, Bluetooth, and wi-fi), biometrics, and PIN/QR or bar codes. It supports 99,9% of access brands, like Mifare, DESFire, HID Seos, etc. Credit cards and mobile payments (Apple Pay) are used to access Metra rental lockers.

Choose any locker material, like HPL, metal, laminate, wood, or other, to make the lockers visually appealing to the users and onlookers. Fully concealed Metra locks provide fully clean(line) locker doors, which some use as a creative canvas to add colors, graphics, or images to locker door panels. Germ-repellent finish or coating can be used for lockers to maintain a high level of hygiene. In healthcare or R&D facilities Lockers securely store belongings.  Metra Smart lockers bring access security, user experience, and well-being to another level.

Each client and its locker user have different requirements about the level of locker use and experience the lockers should provide to their locker users.

Metra Workplace Lockers Protect Key Assets

Metra’s smart locker solutions are intended for corporate offices, buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, campuses, and other work and study environments. Hybrid work arrangements and other modern work and lifestyle dynamics required companies and other organizations to decide on smart lockers that can, thanks to Metra Smart System, support and adapt to the dynamics and preferences of individual locker users and the dynamics of the workplace, school, or campus.  In the last couple of years, mobile locker access (access lockers with smartphones and smart watches) has become increasingly popular. Many modern companies, buildings, campuses, and other facilities where mobile access is applicable are looking into it for their building and locker access.  With your Metra smart lockers supporting shared/hybrid locker use, you can save up to 30% of your office rental and storage space.

Enhancing Guest Experience: Metra Daily Lockers

Daily Lockers Metra’s smart locker solutions for leisure and sports facilities enhance the experience of your guests and members. Lockers are accessed by Metra’s reusable RFID wristband or card, which can also be used as a debit card to pay for the services and products within the leisure facility (and settled before exit). A printed, disposable barcode wristband to access Metra smart locker is also used at waterparks worldwide (for example, Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai, or Looplagoon in Saudi Arabia).

Metra Rental Locker Solutions for Resorts and Amusement Parks

Metra Rental Lockers are Metra’s smart locker solutions that provide revenue through POS (point-of-sale) or self-service locker rental. Sometimes, the resort will offer both locker rental options for their Metra Smart lockers to give more options to their guests. Metra’s smart locker rentals are used at globally renowned European ski resorts, indoor ski parks in the Middle East (Ski Dubai, Snow Park Abu Dhabi, Riyadh Snow City, Snow Oman, and Ski Egypt Snow Park), and various amusement parks worldwide. With a POS rental, an RFID card or guest’s ski pass is used to access their locker, while with a self-service rental, a credit card or mobile wallet functions as a locker “key.”

Streamline Your Logistics with Delivery & Pickup Lockers

Delivery & Pickup Lockers are Metra’s smart solution for lockers for fully custom, secure, and error-free deliveries/dropoffs, and pickups for employees, students, customers, tenants, third-party carriers, or others.

If your company or organization is looking to provide a smart, time-saving dropoff and pickup solution for your employees, students, tenants, or customers (click & collect delivery to the office or to discreetly and securely exchange business documentation, tools, or else with a colleague or superior, or to enable a 24/7 pickup for your online customers, all you need to do is equip your lockers with the all-round Metra Smart System.

MyMetraLockers management software centrally and remotely manages lockers in each Metra Smart solution, saving time and resources for locker admins, HR, and maintenance staff.

 About Metra 

Metra is a manufacturer, pioneer, and global leader of electronic smart locking systems for lockers. Its smart locking systems are globally renowned as the most secure, reliable, maintenance-free, and user-friendly electronic locking system for lockers. Metra smart locker installations are present in 60+ countries in big corporations, campuses, and resorts, ranging from dozens to over 10.000 lockers per location. To contact us visit

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