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TDRA Launches AI-Supported Version of UAE Government’s Unified Digital Platform “U.AE”

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) launched the generative AI-supported version of UAE Government’s Unified Digital Platform, which is considered the interface of the government’s digital presence and the access channel to the services provided by the federal and local government entities in the UAE.

This step comes in the context of an ambitious plan that includes a package of AI services that was launched by H.E. Talal Belhoul Al Falasi, Chairman of TDRA Board of Directors, and is being implemented successively to keep pace with technological developments and enhance the customer experience.

The generative AI-supported version of UAE Government’s Unified Digital Platform ( provides an interactive environment that allows users to obtain information and government services in an interesting and interactive way around the clock. Anyone can access all the information and services available in the platform, using UAE Pass to switch to the website of another government entity. Using UAE Pass will ensure that users will not need to repeat the registration process in more than one entity, nor will they need to memorize many passwords to shift between government websites, but rather browse smoothly and easily from one website to another.

In this context, TDRA’s specialized teams have re-presented the content in a way that facilitates the customer journey and shortens the time for obtaining information and services, which enhances customer happiness. The upgraded version of leverages generative AI algorithms to achieve live interaction between the user and the platform, while ensuring privacy by using UAE Pass to log in the platform. When the user logs in and searches for information and services, he gets his needs in an individualized and accurate manner, thanks to the use of AI algorithms and UAE Pass, thus, he gets his needs quickly, without going through a long process of navigation between several options.

Commenting on this development, H.E. Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, TDRA Director General said: “the UAE Government’s Unified Digital Platform,, represents the UAE’s digital presence. It is the most visited website in the country, as 20 million people use it annually to search for information and services that they need in their daily lives”. He added: “With this vitality, the portal reflects the digital lifestyle in the UAE, where customers can obtain their services through digital channels, and access the information they want through a one-stop shop linked to the websites of all federal and local government entities.”

H.E. Al Mesmar added: “By introducing AI into the mechanisms of, we have taken another important step towards the digital future, through embracing the latest technologies to facilitate the lives of customers and enhance the concept of interactive government that puts the customer at the top of its priorities and provides an easy and fast user experience. is a key element in the UAE digital leadership, as it is included in international organizations assessments of digital government development level, including the UN E-Government Survey in which the UAE ranked first the Arab region and the 13th globally in the development of digital government. It also ranked first in the Arab region and 12th globally in the Online Service Index” is an embodiment of the Whole-of-Government Approach, as it provides access to nearly 3,000 services provided by all federal and local government entities, and contains thousands of information pages that cover all the customers’ needs, including citizens, residents, and visitors, as well as the business sector. The portal is connected and linked with all federal and local government websites, which facilitates visitors’ access to the information and services they need. a single letter domain name, which makes it simple and easy to memorize. The domain name reflects the UAE’s unique characteristics. The letter U stands for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It also refers to the pronoun “you”, which reflects the focus of the UAE Government and its keenness to communicate with customers and listen to their needs.

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