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TRASSIR’s AI Video Security Systems Help Enhancing Security in Middle East Region

TRASSIR is an AI video surveillance and security systems manufacturer. Since its launch in 2002, TRASSIR has grown to become a global supplier that boasts a presence in more than 42 countries, and all of its advanced solutions are designed in-house. TRASSIR’s key principle is that modern security solutions should be engineered based on the concept of deep future-proofing and widespread compatibility between all system components.

AI Revolutionizes Retail and Customer Experience

AI automates demand forecasting, optimizes pricing strategies, and personalizes offerings for customers. A lot of companies operating in the video surveillance systems industry are offering services for the retail industry to analyze data. TRASSIR is focusing on customers’ experience and feedback.

Retailers actively use analytics to understand customers’ preferences and behavior. This enables the creation of personalized offers, improves services, and enhances overall interaction with customers.

Rising Demand for TRASSIR AI-Based Modules

The modern CCTV surveillance industry faces numerous security challenges, including safeguarding property from tampering, ensuring visitor and staff safety, combating theft, preventing staff fraud, and handling rising incidents of theft.

These challenges have spurred crucial business objectives, such as collecting customer data, conducting data analysis, visualization, transaction reporting, and customer traffic analysis.

TRASSIR presents some specific solutions for the industry that are becoming increasingly popular in this region. There is a growing demand for the following TRASSIR modules based on AI.

The shelf detector module analyzes shelf capacity and is used to provide timely reports about empty shelves. In the event of voids exceeding the specified value, the module sends notifications and reports to store employees. These reports allow the retail network’s administration to determine/predict the level of demand for certain groups of goods and track the performance of employees responsible for filling the shelves.

ActivePOS is a smart module that enables synchronizing POS events with the video stream. POS events are sent to ActivePOS and go through a checklist based on given parameters. In case of violation, an incident is generated (a violation alert with a short video) and will be displayed for the operator to review. The module also independently monitors possible cashier violations and, if detected, immediately alerts the operator.

Heat Map provides thermal analysis of video images. In dynamic mode any moving object on the screen is highlighted with a warm tail area: the more activity is recorded, the more intense the color. Static mode accumulates activity map, highlighting «cold» and «hot» areas on video.

Face Recognition module for theft prevention combines FaceSDK for comparing faces and Face Search to look for faces in the database. Human Face Detection allows us to find and highlight a face in the camera image. Face detection is possible from any angle, including profiles, and you can even compare identified faces with photos in the database and determine the degree of match. This module also allows one to recognize certain attributes of a person’s appearance: hair color, glasses, headwear, etc., and search by these parameters.

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