K9 Experts to Meet at Upcoming WPS

Police and K9 experts attending the World Police Summit from 7 to 9 March 2023 have emphasised the importance of sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences in a collaborative environment to tackle the K9 industry’s challenges, explore opportunities, and ultimately unify efforts to combat transnational organised crime and enhance community safety.

Dubai Police emphasize World Police Summit will provide an opportunity to showcase their successful experience in utilising the senses of police dogs to detect individuals potentially infected with infectious diseases or chronic diseases. This experience garnered significant interest from the French police.

“We have established a partnership with the French police to conduct a joint study, and a delegation from the K9 security unit has already travelled to France to participate in the implementation phase, and we have already achieved some notable results in this regard,” the director of the K9 security unit in Dubai Police, Major Salah Al-Mazroui, report Dubai Police Press Office.

He also mentioned the agreement that Dubai Police has with DOG DETECTION company to take advantage of their high training capabilities and experiences in the field and to learn about their best practices. He stressed that international knowledge sharing contributes to the development of police and security methods and techniques, which is what the World Police Summit and similar global platforms strive to achieve.

A Unique Opportunity for K9 Experts

Al-Mazroui emphasised that the summit is a unique opportunity for security personnel to examine ways to address the challenges posed by the weather conditions in the UAE and for the other participating countries facing similar weather conditions. He added that during the hot summer months, the dogs’ health and performance are significantly impacted by the high temperatures, and they can quickly become exhausted.

“Related solutions are constantly considered to ensure a moderate temperature environment suitable for police dogs to perform their duties effectively. Experts from around the world will be consulted during the World Police Summit to search for ways to improve the dogs’ working environment and to adopt the best practices for their care and treatment. Additionally, new standards will be set for choosing police dogs and ways to dispatch them across residential and hot spots,” he said.

Al-Mazroui confirmed that the World Police Summit would also provide insights into the best training techniques and equipment for police dogs and the best security equipment used by dogs and their global trainers.

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