December 5, 2023
Regional World

AI–powered Drones for Police Unites Introduced at INTERSEC

As Zenith Technologies, AI – powered drones producer, announced police patrols in the region may soon start operating equipped with AI – powered drones capable of traffic and crowd analysis, 360 situational awareness, and more.  

Police lightbar section will feature embedded drone unit capable of performing autonomous airborne missions and provide an eye in the sky with a 360-degree birdseye view, the company stated in their announcement. 

“We began our engagements with Dubai Police as far back as 2008 when we introduced a mobile ANPR solution- a world first. Due to the success and simplicity of that ANPR offering, Dubai Police has since then expanded its appointments with Zenith into numerous other technologies,” said Russell Hammad, founder, and CEO of Zenith Technologies.   

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