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Hanwha Vision Unveils AI Box to Transform Legacy Surveillance Cameras

Hanwha Vision has introduced the AIB-800, an AI Box designed to convert any standard ONVIF-compatible video surveillance camera into an AI-enabled analytics camera. This AI Box offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to upgrade their existing camera systems without needing to replace them, eliminating the need for additional construction costs or monthly expenses, according to the company.

Enhanced Video Surveillance with AI Analytics

The Hanwha Vision AI Box allows businesses to utilize their existing cameras while generating AI insights and metadata, such as identifying object types (person/vehicle). The AI-powered video analytics enhance the accuracy of detecting and classifying people and vehicles as distinct objects, reducing false alarms and improving operator efficiency. This enables security teams to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

The AI Box features intelligent analytics, including loitering and line-crossing detection, which improve perimeter and access control. Additionally, the AIB-800 includes BestShot, a feature that captures the best still images of classified objects. These still images contain metadata about the objects’ distinctive attributes, allowing operators to quickly locate specific footage.

Integration with Multiple Cameras

The AIB-800 supports integration with multiple cameras, handling up to eight channels at a maximum resolution of 32MP. It comes pre-installed with the Wise AI App and is compatible with any standard ONVIF-based cameras, as well as video management software such as Milestone, Genetec, Wisenet SSM, and Wisenet Wave, and alarm monitoring systems.

The AI engine in the AIB-800 provides business intelligence analytics, including people and vehicle counting, queue management, and heatmap generation. These insights support business decisions across various industries, from retail to transport.

For example, people counting and queue management can enhance waiting times in stations or stores, preventing overcrowding and reducing queues. Heatmap insights can aid in operational planning and scheduling by revealing patterns of consumer behavior, helping management optimize staffing, cleaning, and maintenance times.

The Hanwha Vision AI Box, with its powerful AI capabilities, transforms standard surveillance cameras into sophisticated, intelligent devices, offering businesses a seamless and economical upgrade path.

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