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Qatar Opens the Door to Next-Gen Digital Security with S-Key Card

Techman Solutions and Freevolt have joined forces to introduce the innovative S-Key cards in Qatar, providing a cutting-edge biometric access solution that enhances security, privacy, and sustainability, while simplifying access control and offering a seamless integration with existing systems

In a significant development for the tech industry in Qatar, Techman Solutions, a leading technology firm based in Doha, has announced its partnership with Freevolt, the renowned UK digital security company. Techman Solutions will become the official partner and distributor of Freevolts’s innovative S-Key cards in the region as part of this collaboration. Formerly known as Drayson Technologies, Freevolt specializes in the advancement of biometric smart card solutions for various sectors including access control, cryptocurrency, healthcare, and payments.

Beyond a Simple Pass: The S-Key’s Paradigm Shift in Security

Freevolt’s pioneering product, the S-Key, stands as the world’s inaugural battery-free biometric access control card, seamlessly linking an individual’s fingerprint to entry points. This innovation effectively mitigates the risks associated with lost or stolen cards and seamlessly integrates with all existing NFC access control systems.

In the realm of access control, the S-Key card is not just another entry pass.  It represents a paradigm shift in how we deal with security protocols. By seamlessly connecting access to an individual’s fingerprint, it eradicates the looming threat of lost or stolen cards, all without incurring additional infrastructure costs.

The S-Key effectively eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. Biometric data never leaves the card, ensuring better privacy and GDPR compliance. It seamlessly integrates with all existing NFC readers and is quick to adopt, with no additional infrastructure costs. Featuring hygienic, contactless technology, it is offered in both NXP MIFARE and LEGIC variants. Furthermore, it stands out as a batteryless sustainable solution, distinct from other cards, as it operates without the need for a battery.

Moreover, the S-Key offers two/three-factor authentication and enhances security by using existing access control systems. It offers a seamless integration with them that bolsters defense mechanisms. Unlike conventional methods that rely solely on possession for access, the S-Key card mandates biometric verification, thereby nullifying the risk of unauthorized entry until a lost or stolen card is disabled.

Another key advantage of the S-Key card lies in its ability to store all biometric data directly on the card itself, eliminating the need for external data storage. This not only simplifies GDPR and privacy compliance but also ensures utmost privacy for users.

Furthermore, the S-Key card stands out as a sustainable solution, operating without the need for batteries. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also aligns with sustainability goals, making it a viable choice for environmentally conscious organizations.

Finally, the S-Key card’s hygienic, contactless technology offers added reassurance, catering to the demands of a post-pandemic world.

With its array of benefits, including seamless NFC integration, improved security measures, and effortless scalability, the S-Key card paves the way for a more secure and hygienic future in access control.

How Does It Work?

Accessing secured areas with the S-Key card follows a straightforward process. First, users hold their finger on the card’s fingerprint sensor, allowing approximately one second for authentication. Next, the S-Key card is tapped onto the 13.56 MHz reader. Finally, access is granted as the reader communicates with the card, permitting entry based on the user’s privileges. This intuitive process ensures seamless access control, simplifying operations for users.

S-Key‘s Path to Widespread Adoption

Traditionally, biometric solutions have grappled with data protection challenges, particularly concerning regulations like the UK and European GDPR. However, S-Key circumvents this issue with its on-device approach. Biometric data is enrolled, securely stored, matched, and authenticated directly on the card itself, eliminating the need for cloud-based databases. This method not only enables seamless integration with existing infrastructure but also eliminates the necessity for costly retrofits or software updates to handle biometric data. It underscores a commitment to privacy, emphasizing individuals’ complete control over their data.

Freevolt’s S-Key targets sectors such as defense, manufacturing, chemical and food industries, and healthcare, where an additional layer of security is essential. Additionally, there’s a growing demand for S-Key in time and attendance systems across various industries. Upon arriving at work, the employees can now use their cards to enter the building, log onto computers, and release a secure printing job, with all operations being seamlessly integrated into a unified solution. This integrated approach constitutes a key value proposition, poised for widespread adoption.

Elevating Digital Security in the Middle East and Beyond

At the core of Freevolt’s ethos lies a commitment to furnishing cutting-edge biometric smart cards equipped with robust fraud protection and heightened access security. Crucially, these advancements are achieved without necessitating alterations to existing card reader infrastructure or impacting user experience.

Emerging from research conducted at Imperial College London, Freevolt represents the culmination of over seven years of development. Their suite of proprietary, patented, and patent-pending technologies harnesses and repurposes RF energy derived from radio transmission networks (including NFC, cellular, and Wi-Fi) to power innovative biometric smart cards.

Its partnership with Techman Solutions marks a significant milestone in expanding Freevolt’s global footprint. At the moment, Techman Solutions is pivotal in bringing the acclaimed S-Key cards to a broader audience in Qatar. The S-Key card, known for its cutting-edge security features and ease of use, is designed to provide enhanced digital protection for individuals and businesses alike.

The S-Key card incorporates state-of-the-art technology to ensure secure access to various digital services. Its advanced encryption and user-friendly design are ideal for those seeking reliable and robust digital security solutions.

Techman Solutions, with its reputation for delivering high-quality technology products and services, is well-positioned to distribute the S-Key cards throughout Qatar. The company’s extensive network and expertise in the tech sector will ensure that the S-Key cards are readily available to individual and corporate clients.

The S-Key cards are available for order through Techman Solutions. Customers can now benefit from the convenience of securing these cards directly from a trusted local distributor.  This partnership is expected to positively impact the digital security landscape in Qatar. Techman Solutions’ commitment to providing top-tier technology solutions and Freevolts’s reputation for innovative security products set the stage for a successful collaboration that will benefit customers across the region.

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