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Smart Security Solutions: Solomon AI Empowers Industry Innovation

Solomon, a leading brand in 3D machine vision and industrial AI, showcased its latest AI applications in smart recognition, smart security, and IoT at SECON 2024, the International Security Expo held from March 20th to 22nd in Korea. The event highlighted Solomon’s interdisciplinary integration capabilities.

Solomon has independently developed AI vision technologies, such as those that enable robots to possess intelligent recognition for autonomous operations and detect complex defects in AOI. Today, Solomon’s AI technology seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, IP cameras, body cameras, and AR glasses. It is deployed across diverse industries, including manufacturing, logistics, security, retail, agriculture, and more.

Addressing Issues Related to Generational Expertise Gap

Recognizing the advancements made by automation in recent years, Solomon still identifies opportunities for further enhancement, leveraging the inherent mobility and multitasking capabilities found in human workers. Moreover, there exists a gap in transferring expertise across generations of the workforce, leading to operational challenges. To address these issues, Solomon has taken a proactive approach by integrating augmented reality and advanced deep learning into META-aivi, an AR + AI vision system that empowers users to overcome industry pain points.

META-aivi stands out for its ability to rapidly build AI models with minimal samples, simplifying the annotation process for quick deployment and ease of use. Paired with human-machine collaboration, META-aivi facilitates tasks such as smart patrol health and safety inspections, as well as smart counting of components. This ensures swift and precise data transmission and computation, reducing errors and risks. Consequently, it addresses past challenges such as skill disparities and knowledge sharing while meeting increasingly complex industrial needs. Currently, clients from various sectors, including petrochemicals, semiconductors, electronics, manufacturing, heavy industry, food, logistics, and security, have adopted this groundbreaking solution.

Using AI inspection as an example, META-aivi can be paired with standard smart devices to verify safety equipment configurations according to SOPs, recognize meter readings, monitor machine equipment in real-time, detect anomalies effectively, and consequently improve personnel work efficiency and enhance operational performance.

As AI development diversifies, Solomon will continue innovating based on customer needs, developing more solutions in areas such as robotics, vision, smart inspections, and others through its core AI technology, with the goal of collaborating with more industries to deliver the most suitable smart applications together.

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