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Greetings! UNV 180°Wide Angle Camera Has Officially Launched!

Nowadays, there are more and more requirements of wide view cameras for wide open spaces such as square, cross road and so on. Traditional solution for those wide open spaces is installing 2 and above cameras to monitor the whole scene, which is pretty inconvenient to install the cameras and costs too much. To solve this problem, uniview released 5MP 180° wide angle cameras which can make us get more information from wide angle and are suitable for many wide open scenarios.

The wide angle cameras performs excellently in poor lighting environment thanks to the LightHunter ultra low-light technology. And with Uniview’s Ultra 265 smart codec, bandwidth and storage requirements have been lower than ever, and so is you cost for managing HD images and videos.

The 5MP 180° wide angle cameras not only provide high-quality images, but also have high performance. Furthermore, with their advanced video analysis and multiple target detection algorithm, the wide angle cameras also feature a wide range of smart functions, including intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and enter/leave region detection.

To meet the market demand, our wide angle cameras bear the following highlights:

Excellent panoramic view

The wide angle camera delivers horizontal 180° wide image based on wide angle technology in spacious scenes. The wide angle camera can also support dewarping, the dewarp level can be configured in the range of 1-9.

High resolution

The wide angle camera supports high quality image with 5MP resolution, which not only ensures the high clarity of image, but also meets different image quality requirements of customers;

Strong adaptability to the environment

The wide angle camera uses IP67 waterproof and dustproof design, which guarantees stable output even under a large range of temperature and voltage;

Smart functions

The wide angle camera supports smart intrusion prevention and ultra motion detection based on different objects detection, which can easily help end users to filter false alarms.

Based on target classification, smart intrusion prevention significantly reduce false alarm caused by leaves, birds and lights etc., accurately focus on human and, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle.

High performance

The IR range of bullet and turret camera is both 20m. In addition of this feature, both bullet and turret camera support built-in mic, 256G SD card slot and 120dB true WDR enables clear image in strong light scene.


The 5MP 180° wide angle cameras are positioned as the mid-end product series for the SMB market, which are also suitable for many scenarios such as cross road, square, staduim, parking lot, etc

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