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CGB’s First Training Programme for AI in Public Sector

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau of Qatar has finished the first training program under the name of “Artificial Intelligence in the government sector: opportunities and challenges”, represented by the Institute of Public Administration and held within the framework of joint programmes initiative of GCC states.

Raed Ibrahim Al Emadi, the Director of the Institute of Public Administration, stated that the Artificial
Intelligence topic by CGB was chosen due to the fact that AI is no longer just a part of a fantasy
world, but a part of reality, considering the numerous possibilities of AI that can add to the upgrading
of government services.

Al Emadi confirmed the significance of joint action among GCC states related to the development of
government action and its services, hoping for cooperation in the search of transferring expertise,
knowledge and lessons learned from the common experiences in the surrounding region.

At the end of the training programme, CGB honoured the keynote speakers of the government entities
in the State of Qatar, as well as participants of the programme from the GCC states, as a way of
appreciating their activity and inputs during the sessions.

This three-day programme presented AI, as well as its role in optimisation of government services
which introduces many opportunities and challenges that decision-makers face. Ethical
considerations when using AI along with the connection between AI technology and cybersecurity
concerns were discussed.

Furthermore, the training programme considered successful models in using AI in the public sector,
focusing on CGB, Ministry of Insformation and Communications Technology and National Cyber
Security Agency.

The joint programmes initiative was set in motion with the goal of establishing knowledge,
expertise and skills for the employees in the public sector in GCC states, aiming to foster
partnership and coordination among GCC states by holding programmes and workshops
throughout the year among the member states with two training programmes a year for 3 years.

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