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Project Based Solution Tailored for Your Needs

By: Aleem Hussain

Established in 2020 based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and one of the leading providers of entrance controls, security systems, and door automation for customers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Everything You Need to Know About Us

We supply project-based solutions, determine the needs of automatic doors, accessories, access control solutions, intruder alarms, and fiber & network products, and offer solutions that require new-age technologies and superior quality. Advanced Middle East Distribution deploys manpower with the latest technological expertise with options open for growth to any new technological advancement as a challenge to overcome and deliver solutions through sheer dedication and hard work. The use of cutting-edge technology & high-quality materials has enabled us to become a synonym for absolute reliability. All our products are selected after rigorous testing and validation.

No matter the length of the project and no matter what challenges you are faced with, we are here to help you and provide you with a dedicated team that will always offer a continuity of service and is committed to ensuring you have everything you need to complete the project. Our team of good people is always there for you.

Our Mission

AMED believes that our strength lies in the comprehensive nature of the service we offer to our customers in an individually tailored one-stop package. The keywords within the company are ‘personal service’, a philosophy we strive to uphold throughout all sectors of our operation without compromising on quality. We still manage to guarantee realistic prices, making the company a viable option for any potential customers and partners. We are dedicated to the quality policy that will ensure that our products and services fully meet the requirements of our customers at all times.

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