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We Ensure a Balance Between Security and Guest Satisfaction

In this exclusive interview with Damir Kartal, the Cluster General Manager of Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai, we immerse ourselves in the world of hospitality and security, and how the two are combined in the luxurious Swiss legacy of more than 100 hotels, with another 50 planned by 2025.

a&s Middle East: Can you introduce the Mövenpick group to our readers?

In Switzerland, in 1948, Ueli Prager created Mövenpick, a revolutionary dining concept where anyone could enjoy a taste of good wine, good times, and the good life. Today, that same brand of welcoming hospitality lives on in every Mövenpick hotel, where everyone can appreciate life’s essential pleasures, through moments of true indulgence. With more than 100 hotels and resorts around the world and another 50 planned by 2025, Mövenpick remains true to its Swiss heritage and rich culinary legacy, honoring its founder’s promise to do things well by doing things right. In recognition of the brand’s holistic approach to sustainability and its deep commitment to local environments and communities, Green Globe has named Mövenpick the world’s most sustainable hotel company every year since 2017. Mövenpick is part of Accor, a world-leading hospitality group consisting of more than 5,200 properties and 10,000 food and beverage venues throughout 110 countries.

Damir Kartal

a&s Middle East: What are the key features of Mövenpick’s security policy that are globally emphasized?

The globally emphasized security policy encompasses several key features to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. This includes the meticulous preparation outlined in the Fire Emergency Plan Manual and Operational Standard Manual, providing clear guidelines for emergency response and operational procedures.

We reinforce our commitment to safety through the implementation of an Integrated Fire Management System, seamlessly linked into the building management system. This system enables continuous monitoring of all areas within our facilities, ensuring swift and effective emergency response.

Adhering to local legislation, our CCTV surveillance system covers all necessary areas, promoting a secure environment while respecting privacy norms. Physical security measures are robustly upheld while an Access Control System guarantees controlled access and enhances overall facility safety.

a&s Middle East: What types of equipment does the hotel group employ to uphold security standards?

Mövenpick prioritizes security through various equipment, including firefighting tools for emergency preparedness, pager systems for effective communication, and walkie-talkies to facilitate quick and efficient on-site coordination.

a&s Middle East: How do you balance maintaining security measures with ensuring guest satisfaction, and what challenges arise in this regard?

We ensure a balance between security and guest satisfaction by covering all access points, conducting regular patrols discreetly, and fostering positive guest interactions. Handling guest requests promptly and adhering to standards is a priority.

a&s Middle East: Could you comment on the quality of communication with local police and security authorities?

Our communication with local police and security authorities is of very high quality. We maintain a very close relationship, receiving updates every week.

a&s Middle East: Briefly describe your collaboration with fire services and local civil protection.

Our communication with fire services and local civil protection is of very high quality. We maintain a very close relationship, receiving updates every week.

a&s Middle East: Can you provide insights into the current global security trends within the realm of hotel security?

The global security trends in hotel security continue to focus on technology integration, enhanced training for staff, and risk assessment strategies. Key trends include cybersecurity, technology integration, such as biometric access control, video analytics, and AI-driven surveillance systems and integrated crisis management.


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