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UAE and KSA Considered the Most Cyber-Secure Countries in the Middle East

According to a Gulf Insider article, a newly published report states that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are considered to be the most cyber-secure countries in the Middle East. They successfully managed to reduce different threats, including sabotage, espionage, and theft.

The regional Managing Director for G4S in the ME, Mohamed Kamal, stated that the similarities between the findings for the UAE and the KSA are notable. The two countries are facing low rates across security threats, and both countries have highly advanced technology used in security operations.

The GS4 World Security Report, as stated in the source article, states that the UAE-based Chief Security Officers expect low rates of regional threats within the UAE, such as sabotage, violence against employees, and industrial espionage. As far as the KSA is concerned, it is expected that it will face the lowest rates in the Middle East regarding intrusion, competitor sabotage, fraud, and theft of property.

More than 1,700 CSOs from large companies all over the world – together with a combined revenue of $20 trillion in 2022 – were surveyed by G4s. More than $1 trillion in revenue was lost due to physical security threats.

The report further revealed, according to the Gulf Insider, that 25 percent of publicly-listed companies experienced a decrease in company value in the past year, all as a consequence of security threats and incidents.

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