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Genetec Reveals 2024 Security Trends: A Year of Integration, Modernization, and Analytics

Genetec Inc., a pioneering force in unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has unveiled its comprehensive predictions for the evolving physical security landscape in 2024.

With a visionary outlook aimed at fortifying security measures, streamlining operations, and advancing business intelligence across diverse sectors, Genetec foresees several pivotal trends poised to shape the industry this year.

Integration of IT and Physical Security Teams

In a forecast that heralds the increasing convergence of IT and physical security teams, Genetec envisions a strategic alliance between these critical skill sets. This collaboration is poised to enhance risk mitigation strategies and optimize data utilization throughout various industries. Notably, there’s an expected surge in IT’s oversight of physical security mandates within organizational structures.

Rising Demand for Unified, Cloud-Connected Solutions

As collaborative efforts burgeon across departments, Genetec anticipates a heightened necessity for unified, cloud-connected physical security solutions. This integrated view seeks to offer comprehensive insights into dynamic threats while fostering more efficient data utilization strategies.

Access Control Modernization Takes Center Stage

Genetec’s projections affirm that access control modernization will remain a cornerstone priority throughout 2024. Organizations are projected to transition toward hybrid-cloud models, implementing cloud-ready access control solutions to simplify upgrade procedures and fortify security measures spanning from physical entrances to network access points.

Addressing Labor Shortages through Collaborative Technologies

Genetec’s research reveals that approximately 40% of organizations are grappling with shortages in physical security personnel. To counteract this challenge, the company envisions a shift towards collaborative physical security technologies that cater to secure, limited-use applications, catering not only to security personnel but also extending to other departments.

Rise in Hybrid-Cloud Adoption

Foreseeing a substantial surge in hybrid-cloud adoption among medium and large-scale enterprises, Genetec predicts a heightened interest in plug-and-play, cloud-ready appliances that augment computing capabilities at the edge, amplifying the efficiency of security systems.

Demand for Analytics in the Era of IIoT

The proliferation of physical security devices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors is propelling organizations toward seeking API-centric, open architectures. Genetec emphasizes the pivotal role of analytics and automation tools in extracting invaluable insights from the escalating pool of available data.

Finally, with a distinguished legacy spanning over 25 years of transforming the physical security industry, it is Genetec itself that continues to lead these transformative trends. The company’s flagship product, Security Center, for example, embodies an open-architecture platform that seamlessly integrates IP-based video surveillance, access control, ALPR, communications, and analytics.

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