December 5, 2023
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Suprema Announces New Partnership with CyberTwice

Suprema Security and Biometrics, a global solution for access control and biometric products, recently announced a new partnership with CyberTwice, an intercom connection to Microsoft Teams.

In the post published on social media, it is stated that Suprema’s BioStation3 hardware and Cybertwice’s solution – CyberGate – will improve the way businesses communicate with access control and communication systems.

The partnership will, according to the post, provide intercom connections with audio and live video to Microsoft Teams, as well as open doors by Teams Client, Teams Desk Phone, or Teams app. There is no need for different passwords due to CyberGate’s location in the Microsoft Teams app. It is stated that data is not stored elsewhere.

The way it works is described further in the post: visitors can use BioStation3 to announce their presence; the call can be accepted in the Teams app, and while multiple users will be notified, the first person to accept will connect to the visitor; finally, audio and visual communication can be opened directly from the Teams app, as stated in the published post.

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