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Striking It Big for Security Through Innovation and International Engagement

Secutech 2024 once again distinguished itself as a global hub of innovation, showcasing cutting-edge security trends, fostering industry collaboration, and highlighting the integration of AIoT technologies to elevate security standards

Secutech 2024 marked a triumphant return, drawing large crowds and much enthusiasm with its showcase of cutting-edge security trends and technologies. Held from April 24th to 26th, 2024, at Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, the event boasted a record 15,120 square meters of exhibition space and hosted 300 renowned exhibitors from across the globe. With a focus on smart security solutions and technologies, Secutech 2024 encompassed various security applications spanning security, fire prevention, disaster prevention, smart building, and transportation. Concurrently, other significant events took place, including Fire&Safety 2024, Mobility 2024, SmartRail 2024, and SMABuilding 2024.

From Solutions to Seminars

Drawing in a diverse audience, the three-day event attracted a total of 15,123 visitors, including 14,438 domestic attendees and 685 international guests from 61 countries. Major overseas participants hailed from Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the USA, reflecting Secutech’s international allure and impact.

Complementing the massive exhibition floor were 19 seminars comprising 124 sessions, captivating 2,140 participants with insightful discussions and thought-provoking insights. Additionally, Secutech 2024 played host to 69 delegates from seven regions and countries, facilitating 93 buyer-guided tours that provided invaluable opportunities for engagement and exploration.

Diving deeper into the event’s offerings, attendees had the chance to explore eight Solution Zones, including the Security+AIoT Zone, AI Clubhouse, TTEIA Pavilion, Smart Factory & Industrial Safety Pavilion, Warehouse Fire Safety Pavilion, Smart Building and Living Application Pavilion, Fire Protection/Disaster Prevention & Rescue Technology Pavilion, and the Smart Rail Zone.

Furthermore, six special pavilions, such as the 5G Pavilion, Low-Carbon Net-Zero Building Pavilion, Building ESG Solutions Pavilion, Disaster Prevention Industry Pavilion, Metro Taipei Pavilion, and TSLIA Pavilion, added to the event’s immersive experience and showcased the latest innovations and advancements in their respective fields.

Secutech 2024 also featured a lineup of comprehensive seminars, covering topics ranging from smart security and rail systems to logistics, industrial safety, and disaster prevention. With each session attracting diverse attendees, the event fostered knowledge exchange and facilitated dialogue among industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

AIoT Innovations Take Center Stage

This year’s event, themed “Intelligent Security Automation and Smart Operation Management,” focused on leveraging AIoT (AI and IoT) to enhance security and operational efficiency. Exhibitors like VIVOTEK showcased solutions such as Case Vault, utilizing AI cameras to simplify search and forensic operations by identifying people and vehicles, even distinguishing unique features like clothing colors. Merit LILIN demonstrated AIoT technologies in a smart carwash use case, granting entry based on ALPR camera plate matching. They also showcased advanced camera models, enhancing surveillance capabilities. With data privacy in focus, RogersAI presented a solution using time-of-flight technology to protect facial depth data, ensuring privacy in scenarios like banks and offices.

At the forefront of AI innovation, exhibitors like Foresight were showcasing AI solutions tailored to diverse applications. Their factory solution, capable of distinguishing good seeds from bad, aids food factories in achieving better yields. Additionally, their office AI application streamlines operations by providing instant responses to queries about company rules and guidelines, akin to ChatGPT.

Vacron’s smart transportation applications, powered by their mobile DVR, detect driver fatigue and hazardous road conditions, enhancing passenger safety. Their Daycare Surveillance Cloud System ensures child safety by preventing video loss and promptly alerting staff to potential accidents. Hunt’s AIoT-enabled solutions, including illegal garbage disposal detection and cutting-edge thermal cameras, address various societal challenges. Exhibitors like COP Security Systems also spotlighted top-quality made-in-Taiwan hardware, such as Ethernet-over-coaxial transceivers for integrating IP cameras with existing coaxial infrastructure, PoE extenders for extending coverage distance, and IR illuminators for enhanced visibility in wide areas.

Innovations in Rail Track Monitoring and Camera Technology

Smart rail, an important point at this year’s exhibition, addresses the pressing need for enhanced rail track monitoring amidst labor shortages. 3S demonstrated a comprehensive solution integrating advanced hardware and software capable of detecting objects, intrusions, and irregular events along the tracks. Their innovative system not only identifies foreign objects but also determines their size, providing operators with invaluable insights and situational awareness.

Key components, such as systems-on-chip (SoC), are fundamental to security camera functionality, so Augentix showcased its cutting-edge multimedia signal processing and high-definition turnkey solutions. From entry-level to advanced camera solutions, Augentix showed a range of products for diverse applications including drones, dashcams, and sports cameras.

Accord, a leading manufacturer of keypads, presented their integrative capabilities at Secutech, with offerings ranging from standard and waterproof keypads to military-grade and silicon rubber keypads. With over three decades of expertise, Accord has delivered customized solutions with rapid turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Recognizing the pivotal role of installers and systems integrators (SIs) in the security industry, T3 Innovation presented a suite of tools designed to streamline installation processes. Their professional heavy-duty crimper for RJ45 modular plugs features a zinc body, carbon steel handle, and built-in cable cutter and stripper, ensuring stable and precise crimping for enhanced efficiency. Additional products on display included snap plugs and stranded patch cords, catering to the diverse needs of installers and SIs.

Looking towards 2025

Looking ahead, the anticipation for the next edition of Secutech is already building.  The event is scheduled for May 7th to 9th, 2025, at the 1F, Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, promising yet another immersive and enlightening experience for all participants.

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