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Qatar Expands Educational Cybersecurity Curriculum

Qatar’s National Cyber Security Agency, also known as NCSA, is planning this year to expand the Educational Cybersecurity Curricula to local private schools. The curriculum was already implemented in the government schools during 2023.

The move is based on the agency’s wish to create a more digitally secure society and promote cyber-awareness in young digital users who know how to deal with the digital world appropriately. The curriculum will initially encompass around 170 private schools during phase 1, and 100 more in phase 2.

The Director of the National Cyber Excellence Department at the National Cyber Security Agency, Dalal al-Aqeedi, stated in the Security Middle East article that the aim of the agency is to improve cybersecurity indicators, digital safety, and digital literacy primarily for students, but the society in general as well. Digital literacy is crucial in preparing the community as a whole.

Raising awareness and improving skills in young people could be a key part of securing the digital future of Qatar. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is collaborating on the project. The NCSA earlier initiated a data classification policy as a way of increasing Qatar’s cybersecurity measures.

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