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Multi-Credential Flexibility For Access Control

Suprema, a global leader in access control, biometrics and time & attendance solutions, shared partner testimonials about its security controller CoreStation that helps facilitate building multi-credential access control systems. Suprema CoreStation is a biometric-enabled security controller that provides great system design flexibility with credential options ranging from PIN, RF card reader, mobile access to fingerprint and face recognition.

Powerful performance

Meyer, a partner in Turkey, was able to construct a face recognition access control system for its customer using Suprema CoreStation and Suprema face recognition terminals.

“CoreStation offers unrivaled matching speed. The customer preferred to connect the face recognition terminals to CoreStation instead of directly to the server for stronger security. This meant that all user data was saved in CoreStation and data had to be transferred to CoreStation for every matching operation. Despite this configuration, users do not notice any delay in authentication thanks to CoreStation’s powerful performance,” said Orcun Bayindir, CEO of Meyer.

IQ trading, a partner in Ukraine, enabled fingerprint recognition access control system for a banking customer. Andrii Glukhov, technical support lead at IQ trading, cited CoreStation’s scalability, enterprise level memory and interlock zone support as advantages.

“Using Suprema CoreStation, we connected 26 two-sided doors with high performance fingerprint authentication. CoreStation is a unique, powerful controller that can store up to 500,000 users, 1,000,000 fingerprint templates and 5,000,000 logs, providing uninterrupted service regardless of network issues. We were also able to create sequential passages with interlock zones, increasing overall security level and eliminating the possibility of a person entering the second door without closing the first one,” said Glukhov.

Easy to integrate

Absolon, a partner in Europe, provided mobile access solution to Crestyl, a leading real estate developer in Czech, using CoreStation. The site had over 100 doors with 1,500 employees and required a secure yet flexible controller that could be easily integrated with third party systems. Crestyl was operating a third party system C4 software and was looking for a way to add mobile credential without a major system overhaul. CoreStation, together with Suprema BioStar 2 and Suprema XPass D2 readers, was a great answer because of CoreStation and BioStar 2’s integration flexibility. C4 was integrated with BioStar 2 via BioStar 2 API and XPass D2 were selected for mobile credential compatibility.

“CoreStation’s appeal lies in the gamut of credential options it supports. Partners and customers can enable PIN, RF card, mobile access as well as biometric credentials like face and fingerprint with Suprema’s intelligent controller,” said Hanchul Kim, CEO of Suprema Inc.

Commitment to Security Standards and Compliance

Suprema’s four-door access control panel CoreStation is its first controller that acquired UL 294 compliance, a certification that evaluates the safety and reliability of the product. Suprema’s compact outdoor RFID reader, XPass D2 is SIA OSDP verified, meaning that the device conforms to the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) standard and the related performance profiles. It ensures higher security than a common access control communication protocol by constant monitoring of wires and protecting with high-end AES-128 encryption.

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