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MCIT’s Internship Programs to Foster Talent in Qatar’s ICT Sector

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has initiated two programs for the talented in the ICT sector. Launched at the Qatar Foundation career fair in Education City, the programs ‘MCIT Internship’ and ‘MCIT Overseas Internship’ highlight the MCIT’s dedication to promote local talent and provide them with vital skills for success in ICT.

The MCIT Internship Program offers university students and recent graduates practical experience to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. Participants work with MCIT experts and international institutions, which will provide them with invaluable insights. The project aligns with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, as it fosters skilled professionals ready to meet ICT sector demands.

The MCIT Overseas Internship Program offers employees and recent graduates a valuable opportunity for international development. The program enhances technical skills and promotes cross-cultural learning, crucial for professional growth. Participants receive financial incentives and specialized training, empowering them to contribute significantly to MCIT’s mission of fostering innovation and excellence in the ICT sector.

Mr. Abdulla Al-Khalifa, Director of the Human Resources Department at MCIT, highlighted the Ministry’s holistic approach to advancing talent. He stated that their commitment is more than traditional partnerships with academic institutions. MCIT collaborates with leading international entities to provide various opportunities for local talent to succeed in the ICT sector.

Further, he added that the MCIT Internship Programs offer a chance to put theoretical knowledge into practice, which will, along with insights from MCIT experts, prepare them for the work in digital domains. The MCIT Overseas Internship Program includes benefits such as financial incentives, exposure to modern techniques and technical methodologies in specialized technological fields, and the acquisition of useful skills for career advancements.

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