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Dynamic Event Filtering

OPTEX’s ONVIF-compliant LiDAR REDSCAN Pro series allows the ability to create alerts based on specific detection criteria or logic. Alarms can be raised based on the sequence of zone detection or based on detection in multiple zones. One zone would be considered a ‘judgment zone’ and the second as an ‘alert zone’. With this REDSCAN Pro can generate smart alerts dynamically by processing both the ‘judgment zone’ and ‘alarm zone’ status. There are many dynamic event-filtering applications, each requiring a certain configuration. Some of the most common applications are explained here:

Directional tracking protection

If there is a requirement to only allow movement in one direction, REDSCAN Pro can generate alarms for movement in the unwanted direction and no alarm when a person goes in the desired direction. One example of this application would be an exit-only walkway. For this application, REDSCAN Pro is installed on the horizontal mount and the alarm and judgment zones are allocated to suit the site requirement.

 Alerts for un-audited entry when a security guard is absent

In this example, there is a requirement for an alert when a person enters a zone and the security guard is not on location; there is no alert when the security guard is present.

REDSCAN Pro is mounted horizontally and we set the security guard standing area as a judgment zone and the entry area as an alert zone.

Minimum height limit requirements at the loading bay

An intelligent logic can be created in a logistics or warehouse environment based on the height of vehicles positioned by the loading bays. Delivery lorries or trucks entering the detection zones would not trigger any alarms, but smaller vehicles such as vans or cars would trigger the system. In this application, an alert is raised if a small car or van approaches a truck loading bay and there would be no alert for big trucks.

The REDSCAN Pro is installed in a vertical mount generating a virtual wall parallel to the loading bays. The area above the minimum required height is set as the ‘judgment zone’ and the area below the minimum height as the ‘alert zone’.

 Tunnel protection

The REDSCAN Pro dynamic filtering feature can be used for rail tunnel entry protection to ensure there is an alert if a person walks into the tunnel but no alerts for trains. The REDSCAN Pro can be installed in a vertical mount to generate a virtual door in the tunnel entrance.

Parked car protection

In this application, there is a requirement for an alert when a person approaches an area while a car is parked, but no alert when there is no car. The REDSCAN Pro is installed in a horizontal mount. We set the location where the car is normally parked as the ‘judgment zone’ and all the areas around the parked car as the ‘alert zone’.

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