December 5, 2023
Access Control Intrusion Detection

Gain More Control Over All Your Security Installations With Honeywell MAXPRO® INTRUSION

The Honeywell MAXPRO® Intrusion control panel delivers a fully integrated, cloud-hosted intrusion and access control system solution, part of the MAXPRO® Cloud portfolio. Ideal for small to medium businesses, MAXPRO® Cloud makes single or multi-site building security simple and scalable. The Honeywell MAXPRO® Cloud is a cloud-based security solution designed for multi-site small-to-medium-sized businesses, that provides effective and efficient security and safety, while minimizing IT costs and future-proofing investments. The solution integrates access control, video and intrusion into an integrated and easy-to-use platform. Users can manage their security system from anywhere at any time via any standard web browser or via the solution’s award-winning app.

The solution offers remote configuration and management of sites, devices, schedules and users thus reducing operational costs and streamlining efficiencies in multi-site installations. The plug-and-play connectivity of the control panel makes installation easy. It also allows for the auto addressing of devices and cloud-based configuration, reducing creation costs and installation time.

Key features include:

  • Removes the need for servers or software with its cloud-hosted, scalable, expandable, efficient platform
  • Features secure, HTTPS login and 256-bit encryption
  • Integrates intrusion, access control and video with plug-and-play device connection
  • Saves installation time at site with pre-configuring of accounts, sites, schedules and people
  • Allows users to configure and manage sites, devices, schedules, permission groups, and users across multiple sites from the cloud
  • Enables both panel firmware and peripheral updates from the cloud to always have an up to date and secured system
  • Grows and scales with your customer’s needs.

It is necessary to register for an account with MAXPRO® Cloud before using the MPI control panels.

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V-Plex® – the industry’s leading addressable technology

Honeywell MAXPRO® Intrusion uses V-Plex® addressable technology. V-Plex® is a patented polling loop technology that defines price and performance on a simple pair of wires. Using only two wires instead of four, V-Plex® offers significant advantages over home run wiring or the conventional four-wire multiplex—providing economical expansion of peripheral devices such as motion sensors, alarm contacts or glass break detectors and point identification to your central monitoring station. There are important benefits of this solution:

By using V-Plex® technology, the user can benefit from cost savings coming from reduced wiring, lower power consumption as well as labour and time-saving maintenance features. Each V-Plex® sensor can be installed using two wires for power and data, including existing wiring.

V-Plex® devices use minimal amounts of current, reducing the need for auxiliary power supplies. It also features fast, accurate identification and response point ID to allow users to quickly pinpoint the source of alarm from the keypad and communicates the information to the proper authorities—and bypass protection at any specific point. It also improves the ability to diagnose and pinpoint defects. This means installation and service professionals can arrive at the site already knowing the exact location of the problem, making service calls more efficient.

The benefits of a cloud-based platform

The system is easy to install, use and manage. It provides:

  • Reduced costs – Removes the need for server or software installation with its cloud-based platform. Users just need an Internet browser and/or the mobile app. Installation – even across multiple sites – takes hours rather than days.
  • Higher security – Helps reduce false alarms and can cut shrinkage incidents. With integration across access, video and intrusion, incidents can be identified and managed more quickly. The system’s continuous health check monitors devices for any potential failures or lost communications, helping to reduce downtime.
  • Increased versatility – Provides a scalable and future-proofed solution. It also provides improved visibility through features such as the intuitive user interface and the powerful mobile app, along with a customizable dashboard with multi-site viewing capabilities. Permissions and access can be managed easily across multiple sites.

In summary, a cloud-based, next-generation security platform like MAXPRO® Intrusion can help make your life easier and your premises more secure, underpinned by the financial stability and enviable reputation of Honeywell. This is a winning combination for businesses who want to streamline their security system whilst also enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

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