December 5, 2023

a&s Middle East Launches as a Regional Media Hub for Security, Technology and Business

a&s Middle East will launch in January 2023 as a bimonthly print publication and a web portal focused on physical security, cyber security, the Internet of Things, smart solutions, ICT, mobility, automation, and convergent technologies in the region of the Middle East.

As its name suggests, a&s Middle East will focus on the needs of security, tech, and entrepreneurial professionals in an emergent market that plays an increasingly important role in the global security and technological mosaic.

Both the magazine and the portal will feature industry news from across the supply chain, including special features, interviews, PR articles, comprehensive market and technology reports with a unique analytical angle, videos, and exclusive coverage of regional industry events.

a&s Middle East is the latest member of the venerable a&s family of magazines, publications, and web portals. This project was launched by Privus, a Dubai-based agency that invited the experienced a&s Group to use its long-term expertise in managing similar projects in making a&s Middle East come to life.

The first issue of the a&s Middle East will be distributed at the Intersec trade fair in Dubai. This is no coincidence, as this large-scale media project will open its doors both to advertisers and businesses that want to promote their products as well as to the readers and decision-makers who are always on the lookout for up-to-date information that can help them make the best of the latest trends across the covered industries.

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