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SPICA Celebrates Over 1 Million Satisfied Users Globally

SPICA proudly announces a significant milestone, having successfully served more than 1 million satisfied users globally with its comprehensive workforce management solutions. As a prominent provider specializing in staff scheduling, time & attendance, and access control, SPICA remains committed to empowering modern workplaces with innovative, user-friendly, and cutting-edge solutions.

SPICA’s Legacy of Empowering Organizations

With a rich history spanning over 30 years and more than 300 employees at its side, SPICA continues to evolve and enhance its offerings, catering to the dynamic needs of organizations worldwide. The company’s workforce management solutions have been instrumental in aiding over 3,000 satisfied customers across diverse industries, facilitating optimization, digitalization, and automation of essential workforce management processes. In essence, SPICA’s software solutions help organizations to manage their time and space better. They manage to achieve it by assisting the management teams increase productivity for companies of all sizes – from small teams to 10,000+ employees, across all major industries.

Enhancing Workplace Security

SPICA’s access control solutions work in the cloud and offer stress-free access control management, and scalability with broad lock compatibility, mobile credentials, and key links. All of these support swift responses during emergencies, enhancing visitor experiences and workplace security. Additionally, the fully integrated SPICA Time&Space provides an integrated solution for workforce management, seamlessly incorporating access control and time & attendance management. Its modular and flexible architecture supports web access or desktop clients and caters to companies of various sizes and geographical locations.


The company’s commitment to outstanding onboarding, customization, and exceptional customer support has positioned it as a preferred choice for comprehensive software and hardware solutions in workforce management. SPICA’s recognition by the Gartner Workforce Management Market Guide and strategic partnerships with esteemed global IT vendors further underline its dedication to offering cutting-edge solutions.

ISO Certification

SPICA proudly holds ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates, highlighting its dedication to delivering high-quality, secure solutions to clients globally. These certifications reflect SPICA’s commitment to maintaining superior standards of quality and information security across its offerings.

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