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Adria Security Summit Returns to Sarajevo in 2024

After successfully traversing various regional cities, the 9th edition of the Adria Security Summit is set to return to Sarajevo from October 9 to October 10, 2024, marking a significant milestone as it completes a full circle in its journey. The Convention Center Hills will host this anticipated event, expected to bring together over 160 exhibitors, accommodate 3500+ visitors, and facilitate over 5000 B2B meetings.

Returning to its roots in Sarajevo, where it initially began its trajectory, the Summit aims not to dwell on the past but to showcase the latest industry trends and reshape approaches that directly benefit businesses through added value.

So, how does the Summit plan to hit the high notes one more time?

It’s simple – the added value focus means linking the end-user with the core of presented industry advancements and using the Summit to foster connections between sectors to provide customized solutions that cater to the users’ distinct demands.

Next, specially tailored presentations designed for diverse participants will address the specific needs of various industries. The agenda will be crafted to deliver a personalized experience, ensuring engagement and relevance for participants across diverse sectors through our established B2B networking platform. From keynote speeches and panel discussions to case studies and interactive showroom presentations, the Summit will showcase innovative solutions tailored to different user profiles, thereby increasing the overall value for businesses.

What Adria Security Summit will bring in 2024?

For the first time, the Adria Security Summit powered by Intersec will host delegations of buyers from all countries of the region and probably beyond.

A special novelty is that the side events will be located inside the exhibition area as additional value to the exhibition program.

For more information about the 9th Adria Security Summit 2024, including registration details and the event agenda, please visit, contact, or call +387 33 788 985.

Secure your spot and immerse yourself in a bespoke event tailored for diverse participant profiles, offering added value for businesses at the 9th Adria Security Summit in 2024!

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