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Who Are Frogblue And What Do Frogblue Actually Do?

Frogblue is a 100% made in Germany Intelligent Building Technology solution from Dr Ralf Hinkel and the team that developed and successfully brought the MOBOTIX intelligent camera system to the global market.

The frogblue philosophy is based on a high level of quality backed with exceptional flexibility and performance at a very competitive price. The scalability of the frogblue system means that a solution can start with only one frog (e.g. D2-2 intelligent dimming solution) and go all the way up to many hundreds of frogs ( see Case study in this issue of A&S Adria).

Because of its ease of installation and the savings on cabling the frogblue concept is perfect for renovations as well as for new buildings. Frogblue solution flexibility enables us to provide solutions to many different verticals and at all levels.

Lighting Designers and Architects
We offer the Lighting Designer and architect a platform on which to build their own ideas and incorporate their individual vision without the headaches of pre planning the wiring systems.
Construction Companies and Property Developers
We offer construction companies an effective smart solution which can be introduced into the building schedule at any time because it does not require preplanned cabling. We also offer property developers the means to improve and upgrade existing properties with a lower investment and minimum of disruption but with a sizable and significant increase in property value.

CommercialBusiness Premises
Lighting plays a significant role in the actual sales & revenue process of many businesses through positive customer experience. Frogblue provides restaurants, pubs, hotels, car dealerships and all kinds of shopping areas with a solution that is extremely flexible and intuitive and that can be very easily retrofitted.

Enhanced Work Space Environment
Frogblue offers office spaces, call centers etc the opportunity to create atmospheric work spaces that are people and environmentally friendly. By utilizing the frogblue capability of being able to allow different factors to interact with each other we can build comfortable environments for employees based on the optimum combination of lighting levels, temperature, shading etc. Realizing the full potential of the work place enhances productivity and employee job satisfaction.

Industrial Premises
We offer industrial premises a solution that will increase and simplify control of production facilities and raise the level of safety for workers while at the same time raising performance levels and reducing downtime.

Frogblue ultimately provides a tool kit that takes Intelligent Building Technology to a much more interactive level facilitating the incorporation of multiple factors like lighting, shading, ventilation, door entry and alarm systems into the same project.

Frogblue are working together with their partner TEND to bring the frogblue solution to the A&S Adria region and to provide top level sales, technical and project planning support to selected partners. If you are interested in becoming one of these select frogblue partners please contact Mr Ales Polajnko: for more information.

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