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Veridos Provides the Latest Generation of ePassport in Latvia

Veridos, a global provider of identity solutions, has delivered advanced ePassports to Latvia in collaboration with the Portuguese state printer INCM.

The ID documents, which for the first time include Veridos’ innovative security features CLIP ID Echo, Amber ID, Diamond ID, and Spectre ID, are among the highest quality ePassports in Europe.

In addition to the documents, the collaboration with the Latvian authorities includes the supply of the central personalization system as well as support and maintenance services over five years.

The ePassports feature the security technology known as CLIP ID Echo, a repeated portrait and biographical data of the cardholder, such as date of birth or ID number, that is only visible from certain angles. The technology is an evolution of CLIP ID (Color Laser Image Protected ID), an integrated solution that adds vivid color photos to the next generation of polycarbonate ID documents. It combines secure laser engraving with brilliant, durable image printing for maximum flexibility in the production and personalization process.

This new generation of ePassports includes three new innovative security features that combine transparent window and stripe elements with unique materials, personalized data, and special effects: Amber ID, Diamond ID, and Spectre ID.

Amber ID revolutionizes document personalization by adding a metallic optically variable window with a positive-brilliant photo of the document holder that changes with color, light, and viewing angle.

Diamond ID is part of the LOOK ID feature, a horizontal transparent stripe. Combined with the semi-transparent Amber ID windows, LOOK® ID offers a wide range of highly secure, dynamic features. Diamond ID is based on a special smart color technology developed in collaboration with C.S.T (Crime Science Technology).

Spectre ID breathes new life into static images by making them appear to move when the card is tilted. With Spectre ID, this special effect can now also be applied to the transparent window areas of cards and data pages in combination with the repeated holder’s image.

With the documents now delivered, Latvia is yet another country to benefit from Veridos’ state-of-the-art technology, enabling its citizens to travel safely and comfortably.

“Our ePassport demonstrates innovation, and sophistication and redefines secure document authentication,” emphasizes Marc-Julian Siewert, CEO of Veridos. “The integration of a color photo represents a milestone in the development of security documents, seamlessly combining aesthetics with advanced security. Except for Germany, Latvia is the only country in the EU to offer its citizens an EU passport with a color photo on a polycarbonate data page. This achievement underlines our long-standing partnership with Latvia, which is relying on Veridos’ expertise to provide advanced security features”.

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