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Sightlogix Enhances Thermal Detection Engine With AI Auto Zoning

AI Auto Zoning is designed to simplify the process for creating comprehensive intruder detection policies into a single click. With a simple button, the Sightsensor camera:

  • Automatically draws active detection zones tailored to the camera’s detection range
  • Defines multi-layered human detection policies and activates Thermal AI nuisance alarm filtering
  • Displays the true detection range and AI classification distance as lines against the camera’s field of view
  • Intelligently disregards distant areas not relevant to security, such as the sky or traffic

The result offers a powerful combination of simplicity and reliable performance.

Enabling mobile and remote video applications

Anyone tasked with monitoring outdoor sites will appreciate the significant value of reducing the time and costs to deploy an outdoor detection system. With AI Auto Zoning, even complex detection policies can be defined in seconds.

As an added bonus, mobile security towers can be easily relocated from site to site, hassle-free: A single click resets the zones and the camera automatically adjusts its detection areas based on the new location.

Sightsensor firmware upgrade

The Auto Zoning feature is now available to all Sightsensor cameras purchased after 2018 via a simple firmware update. This update also includes the latest Thermal AI classification model to enhance target classification accuracy.

AI Auto Zoning is a further Sightlogix innovation that leverages its longstanding heritage of making outdoor video security highly reliable and easy to use. This includes:

  • Thermal AI that reduces alarms during the day, at night, and in all weather
  • One-click geo-calibration, leveraging internal sensors that automatically determine target size, speed, direction, and distance from the camera
  • Massive coverage areas that protect outdoor sites with fewer devices
  • A web-based perimeter design tool – SightSurvey – that lets you design a virtual smart camera layout right in the browser, even before visiting the site

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