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Saudi Arabia Introduces Lucid Electric Patrol Vehicle with AI and Drone Tech

Saudi Arabia has recently introduced a locally made Lucid electric vehicle, a smart patrol vehicle equipped with advanced drone and AI technologies. Presented at the World Defence Show in Riyadh, the vehicle attracted a significant audience. It is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security patrols across the kingdom, as it is designed to be integrated in the Saudi security forces’ fleet, according to the Gulf News.

This poses a significant step forward for Saudi security forces to maintain public safety and security. Colonel Mansour Al Shukra, spokesperson for the General Traffic Department, stated that this feat aligns with the Saudi Green Initiative, led by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, according to the article.

The vehicle itself has six cameras able to recognize wanted individuals, detect criminal or aggressive behavior, as well as identify traffic violations. An accompanying drone, built for a quick response for incidents such as gunfire, is able to capture footage on the scene and aid in rapid response efforts. AI technologies implemented include a Light Bar, equipped with cameras for facial recognition and license plate identification.

Integrating drone technology boosts situational awareness, as well as bolsters the vehicle’s mission to enhance public safety. Praised for its environmental efforts, the vehicle aligns with the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative by reducing carbon emission, according to Gulf News.

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