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Reinforced Polyamides: Game Changer for Anti-corrosion Cameras

Hikvision’s Polymer Anti-Corrosion Cameras are the ideal solution for corrosion protection even in the most brutal environments due to their structure – they use reinforced polyamides, a light, but extremely durable housing.

Reinforced polyamides do not require protection, as they are nearly immune to corrosion due to the strong chemical bonds connecting the polyamides, but the additional reinforcements provided by blended materials as well.

Their structure is stable, durable, with very little chemical energy free to react with other substances. According to Hikvision, acid, alkali, and salt tests were done to prove that polyamides show impeccable material integrity.

Furthermore, Hikvision’s laboratory tests showed that a specific reinforced polyamide has 90% of the strenght of aluminium. The material is able to withstand high-energy impacts and the effects of time. They were tested with 1,000 hour xenon aging tests and managed to maintain its appearance.

The reinforced polyamides are lighter to handle and easier to set up safely, as their density is less than half that of aluminum and only a seventh of stainless steel.

Additionally, they are more cost effective than the usual materials. The need for maintenance and repairs is minimal, as the reinforced polyamides are durable in harsh environments, thus enabling large savings for installations in public roads, industrial parks, and other similar environments.

The cameras are equipped with deep learning analytic capabilities that help users use the best of security and reduce the risk of false positives. They are ideal for complex security needs, as other custom applications can be integrated.

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