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Quanergy Adds Two New Additions to 3D Lidar Solutions

Quanergy has introduced two new additions to its portofolio with the new Q-Track HD and Q-Track Dome 3D Lidar sensors, which join Quanergy’s Q-Track LR (Long Range) offering to comprise one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of high-performance 3D Lidar solutions available.

“Quanergy 3D Lidar solutions are rapidly being adopted to solve longstanding challenges in the physical security and smart spaces markets due to their ability to effectively increase overall security and virtually eliminate costly false alarms,”

Enzo Signore, CEO, Quanergy Solutions.

“With the introduction of our new Q-Track HD and Q-Track Dome sensors for close-range applications joining our highly successful Q-Track LR long-range sensor, Quanergy offers a comprehensive 3D Lidar system solution that delivers proactive awareness for a myriad range of applications,” added Signore.

The new Q-Track HD provides optimal 3D Lidar detection, tracking and classification performance for challenging environments such as crowded airports, large malls and stores, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and education and corporate campuses. With a 360° horizontal field of view and very wide vertical field of view, a meshed network of Q-Track HD sensors can accurately track over 1000 people simultaneously, even as they move around obstructions such as line queues, columns, shelves, desks, and more.

Also recently making its debut at ISC West, Q-Track Dome which is designed to track and classify people in even smaller and more complex environments within office buildings, corridors, mantraps, transportation terminals, and various other queue applications. With a 90° vertical field of view, Q-Track Dome is optimised for dense areas, offering unmatched performance and reliability for object tracking and classification, and crowd intelligence gathering applications.

The field proven Quanergy Q-Track LR (Long Range) sensor is currently deployed at over 100 customer sites globally, including many of the largest datacentres, airports, energy substations and water plants in operation. Q-Track LR detects, classifies and tracks people and vehicles at long distances with a single sensor covering an area equivalent to three football fields. Q-Track LR provides a highly accurate and cost-effective, proactive solution for perimeter intrusion detection (PID) applications.

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