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ONVIF and OSSA Set to Take Over Standardizing IoT Devices Data

ONVIF®, the open industry forum supporting standardized communications between IP-based physical security products, today announced an agreement with the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA®) to take over development of data ontology and metadata specifications. The initiative will continue under a new ONVIF metadata working group.

The new ONVIF metadata working group is focused on developing standardized ways of richly describing the context in which objects of interest appear in captured video. This work enables the physical security industry to easily share and make use of data generated by analytics applications running on IoT devices, like cameras, for security and analytical purposes.

“ONVIF is excited to build on this platform to ensure descriptive and detailed data that is generated by ONVIF conformant products can be used across surveillance systems and elsewhere,” said Leo Levit, Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee. ”We encourage ONVIF Full and Contributing members and their registered affiliates to join the new metadata working group and contribute to this initiative.”

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