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How ASSA ABLOY is Paving the Way for Sustainable Buildings

In the heart of Dubai, a city known for its futuristic skyline, the push for sustainability is more critical than ever. Buildings are at the forefront of this movement, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) noting that they consume about 30% of global energy.

But what if I told you that the choice of access solutions could significantly impact the sustainability performance of a building throughout its entire life cycle?

From Blueprints to Reality: Green Building Specifications

When it comes to building sustainably, every detail counts, starting from the initial design. ASSA ABLOY, a leader in access solutions, provides a wide range of products from door closers to digital access systems. This diversity means they understand the nuances of standards and certifications better than most.

“Our local experts help customers choose solutions that reduce energy use and improve indoor thermal efficiency,”

Majd Arabi, Head of Specifications at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Middle East

ASSA ABLOY supports architects and developers aiming for green building certifications like BREEAM, LEED, and WELL, ensuring that their products contribute to reduced embodied carbon right from the start.

Efficient Installations with Minimal Environmental Impact

Installing building solutions can be a resource-intensive process. However, choosing wireless digital access solutions can significantly cut down on this. ASSA ABLOY’s range includes smart-key systems and energy-harvesting locking devices, which eliminate the need for extensive wiring and drilling, reducing power consumption and building damage. Faster installations mean fewer trips to the site, further cutting down on emissions.

The design principles behind ASSA ABLOY products, such as the common template used in their Cam-Motion Door Closers, also streamline installation. This efficiency saves time, money, and energy, making sustainable building practices more accessible.

Cutting Energy Use During Building Operation

Once a building is operational, the energy demands of its security and access systems can be substantial. Traditional wired systems often require continuous power, but wireless solutions offer a greener alternative. ASSA ABLOY’s devices, like the PULSE key-operated electronic cylinders, are powered by energy harvested from the user’s actions, eliminating the need for batteries or external electricity sources.

Peter Høpfner, COO and Founder of A Place To, a mixed-use development in Denmark, highlights this benefit: “It was a big plus with PULSE that keys and locks are battery and cable-free.” This innovation not only saves energy but also cuts down on the environmental impact of battery disposal.

Smart Technology Reducing Travel and Waste

Smart access solutions from ASSA ABLOY, like the CLIQ® Connect system, further enhance sustainability. These programmable keys update access rights via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, reducing the need for physical travel to update or collect keys. This technology not only minimizes travel-related emissions but also offers a tangible return on investment by cutting fuel costs.

Additionally, mobile keys stored on smartphones replace traditional physical credentials, reducing materials use and simplifying access management. Changes to access rights are done remotely, eliminating unnecessary trips and physical credential management.

Low-Maintenance Solutions for a Greener Future

Maintenance is an inevitable part of building management, but it doesn’t have to be a sustainability burden. ASSA ABLOY’s wireless locks, such as Aperio, and their programmable key systems are designed for minimal maintenance. For example, the eCLIQ cylinder’s integrated lubricant reservoir allows it to remain maintenance-free for up to 200,000 cycles. Battery changes, when needed, are infrequent and straightforward.

“We have made energy efficiency a driving force behind our innovations,” says Olympia Dolla, Head of Sustainability Program EMEIA at ASSA ABLOY. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their energy-harvesting technology and efficient device designs, ensuring that buildings equipped with ASSA ABLOY solutions are prepared for a sustainable future.

The Future of Sustainable Buildings

ASSA ABLOY is leading the charge in integrating sustainability into the very fabric of building design and management. From the drawing board to day-to-day operations, their access solutions help create buildings that are not only secure and efficient but also environmentally friendly. As the demand for green buildings continues to grow, innovations like these will be key in shaping a sustainable future.

To learn more, download a free Access Solution Sustainability Guide from ASSA ABLOY Opening  or Contact us for more information.

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