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IDEMIA and Tahakom Join Forces for Road Safety in Saudi Arabia

IDEMIA Group, a leader in security technologies, recently announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Tahakom, the Saudi Technology and Security Comprehensive Control Company. The priority of the MoU is sustainability and road safety in Saudi Arabia.

As agreed, they will design and implement initiatives to maximize the positive impact of their activities on the local community and environment. The collaboration will cover areas of work development, industry localization, SME support, innovation, digitalization, and sustainability.

The agreement aims to develop Tahakom’s vision of public safety and smart mobility using AI-based technology. As it also supports Saudi Vision 2023, it focuses on making the country a central hub in the Arab and Islamic worlds, boosting local activities for global investment, and transforming its location into a key connector of Afro-Eurasia.

IDEMIA and Tahakom are delivering an advanced road safety solution for Saudi Arabia, adept in extreme weather and capable of handling complex road violations. Tahakom executives, led by Eng. Hani Al Saigh, Vice President of Supply Chain from Tahakom, visited IDEMIA headquarters in Paris, France, where they signed the agreement with the President and CEO of IDEMIA, Pierre Barrial.

Hani Al Saigh, the Vice President of Supply Chain from Tahakom, expressed the company’s delight in partnering up with IDEMIA and enhancing public safety and smart mobility through AI-solutions, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030. The mutual goal of enhancing road safety in the Kingdom is strengthened through the expansion of the industry-leading solution and maintenance agreement. He further mentioned that IDEMIA continues to show its commitment to provide high-quality products and services implementing the most advanced technologies.

Matt Cole, CEO, IDEMIA Public Security, stated in the announcement that this collaboration strengthens the two companies’ commitment to safer roads in the country. They expressed their gratitude towards Tahakom for trusting IDEMIA with the move, and their enthusiasm in further building their long-term partnership.

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