Higher Efficiency for Construction Projects

Hikvision announces a collaboration with Evercam, a construction time-lapse and project management software developer, to provide a joint solution that can help construction companies optimize performance and minimize risk on their large projects.

Evercam software gives construction managers an insight of what is actually happening on project sites, at any time. They can see how a project is progressing, providing crucial information to help them manage the project. For example, they can see how much earth has been removed, or if a delivery has been made.

The software uses Hikvision AIoT cameras and NVRs because they provide very high-resolution footages to capture what happens on site, like the 4K AcuSense Strobe Light and Audible Warning Varifocal Camera that is ideal for the Evercam solution.  The solution also makes use of the AI features in the cameras, such as ANPR (license-plate recognition) and people counting.

Evercam integrates information from video feeds into its ‘4D BIM plan’, a 3D CAD plan for a construction project that includes a timeline and key milestones. This gives a clear view of how the project is advancing compared to the delivery schedule.

“We see the construction industry becoming more and more digitalized, which is a great opportunity for our partnership with Hikvision”, says Marco Herbst, Evercam’s CEO. “Because Hikvision has a large range of products, we are able to continue expanding our capabilities quickly. Hikvision is also driving innovation in the intelligent camera space, and we are excited to incorporate even higher-resolution, smarter cameras with even more AI features in our solution in the future.”

“Now part of the Hikvision Technology Partner Program, Evercam is working with a large range of Hikvision products incorporated into its solution for construction companies worldwide”, says Adler Wu, Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision. “This is a good practical example of how Hikvision innovation can be a key component in AIOT solutions that provide real value in high stakes industries, such as construction.”

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