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FERMAX Celebrates 75 YEARS of Innovation in Residential Communication

With a legacy that began in 1949, the Spanish company has constantly evolved to provide the most advanced security and communication solutions for homes and buildings

FERMAX celebrates 75 years of excellence and innovation with the slogan “Opening doors for 75 years”. They focus on connectivity and residential communication in buildings, ranging from traditional audio door entry systems to the most cutting-edge video door entry systems, security systems, home automation and access control. With a legacy that began in 1949, the Spanish company has constantly evolved to provide the most advanced security and communication solutions for homes and buildings. From their headquarters in Valencia (Spain), FERMAX sells around 60% of their products and technologies to more than 70 countries around the world. The company counts with 6 international subsidiaries, 12 sales offices, and a large network of international distributors.

FERMAX’s milestones over the years reflect their commitment to quality and exceptional service. Since theirfounding, the company has pioneered technologies that not only meet the needs of today’s users but also anticipate those of the future.

“As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we look back on our journey with gratitude to our customers and forward with excitement for future innovations,” says Jeremy Palacio, Chairman and CEO of FERMAX.

Reconciling Business with Social Principals

Their greatest achievement is the team of people who are part of FERMAX. Their talent, commitment and effort have made it possible for them to be present for more than 75 years and continuing to count on each and everyone of them is a guarantee of success in the future.

In the face of adversity, it is thanks to their teamwork that they continue today to fulfil the purpose that gave them the beginning: connecting people and homes with the world. They have the capacity to change course, to choose to do things right and to positively influence how they want the world to be for generations to come. At FERMAX, they work daily to reconcile their business activity with social principles and to achieve sustainability, equality and inclusion in any of their areas of influence.

R&D Based Business Model

Moreover, this spirit of continuous improvement and evolution is what has allowed them to move forward and initiate a process of transformation of their business model focused on the basis of their entire strategy: the connectivity of their products and facilities and the digitalisation of their internal processes. This translates into a greater capacity to innovate and offer new solutions to a very human need: to be connected with our loved ones, with other people and with our home. For this reason, every year they allocate 6% of their sales to investment in R&D to develop solutions with added value and adapt to new markets and the needs of the industry.

With each step they take towards the connectivity of their products, they contribute to the development of more sustainable cities, providing new services and businesses to different stakeholders that interact with buildings and homes on a daily basis (installers, managers, maintenance, cleaning or shipping companies…), while also reducing the bounce rate of parcel deliveries and reducing the carbon footprint.

Of all the options, they chose to do it in the best possible way, because building a good present is a guarantee of a better future for everyone. This is the only way they can move forward and ensure that every time someone sees the FERMAX brand they are proud to have chosen them to protect their home.

Remote home security

CONNECTIVITY FOR ALL is their strong commitment to reinvent the way we communicate with our home. Technology is an intrinsic part of our lives; hence it is not surprising that more and more people are looking for solutions that allow them to remotely manage such an important aspect as home security. In this regard, many professionals are choosing their connected video intercoms as a solution for their projects. These products adapt very well to our new lifestyle, and the connectivity links us with what really matters and offers us the security and comfort we all seek for ourselves and our homes.

More than 135,000 users around the world are using BLUE by FERMAX, an app the company developed to divert calls from a WiFi video intercom to a smartphone. Currently, DUOX PLUS, which is the world’s first 100% digital Smart System in 2 wires, handles more than 35 million diverted calls and 10 million doors opened. It also works with Alexa, Google Home and Siri, so that you can receive call notifications from the video intercom on a smart speaker or display. You can also use your voice to open the door, either with smart speakers or displays or with Siri from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch). In addition, the company’s MEET 100% IP video intercom system allows integration with home automation, access control, CCTV and alarm solutions, and it also provides call forwarding via the MEET ME app.

FERMAX invites their customers and partners to join them in this commitment to connectivity and be part of the opportunity to grow and expand their business with the latest technological solutions to improve the quality of life of residents.

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