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EL.MO. Unveils D-Pulse Advanced

EL.MO. has taken a significant step forward with the development of D-Pulse Advanced, an evolution of their Proxima control panel, built upon the innovative D-Pulse technology.

D-Pulse Advanced technology brings several advantages to the table. It offers enhanced precision in alarm management with alarm splitting. The system efficiently handles multiple tasks concurrently through simultaneous management. Pro-AIUNIT Event Management leverages artificial intelligence to effectively manage events, while multiple analytics provide comprehensive analysis capabilities for various security needs. Moreover, separate inputs in the control panel ensure improved organization and control, while camera event management and NVR status updates facilitate seamless integration with camera systems and real-time monitoring.

The new Advanced technology also ensures network segregation, keeping the intrusion system management network separate from the CCTV management network. This segregation enhances security and reliability.

With D-Pulse Advanced, managing CCTV events through the NVR is streamlined, as the NVR acts as a central collector of information for the entire system. This integration allows for the detection of alarm events such as intrusions, line crossings, or abandoned objects using AI-based cameras. These cameras significantly enhance the system’s performance, flexibility, and reliability, leading to increased detection efficiency.

EL.MO.’s D-Pulse Advanced sets a new standard in security system integration, promising to deliver advanced capabilities and improved performance for comprehensive security solutions.

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