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Six NATO Countries Plan ‘Drone Wall’ for Border Security with Russia

Six NATO countries—Finland, Norway, Poland, and the three Baltic states—are planning to develop a “drone wall” to enhance the security of their borders with Russia.

The impetus for this ambitious project includes a series of provocations, ranging from the push of migrants over the border to various types of border violations.

Ministers from these countries recently discussed creating a coordinated system of drones along their borders with Russia to prevent smuggling, deter further provocations, and bolster defense.

“This is a completely new thing—a drone wall stretching from Norway to Poland—and the goal is to use drones and other technologies to protect our borders against provocations from unfriendly countries and to prevent smuggling,” Lithuania’s interior minister, Agnė Bilotaitė, told the Baltic News Service.

Details on how this wall will function are still forthcoming. Minister Bilotaitė stated that each country has its own responsibilities and emphasized that EU funds should be used for the implementation.

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