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Dubai Taxi Control Centre initiates supervision of vehicles by AI


Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) started to implement AI as a way of supervising and overseeing the driver’s performances and their various vehicles.

Ammar Al Braiki, the Director of Fleet Operations at the DTC, said to Roads & Transport Authority that the Dubai Taxi Corporation aims to demonstrate the Control Centre’s work and inform the public and road users about how DTC utilises new technologies and smart systems to monitor and track 7,200 vehicles. The performance of 14,500 is being overseed. The centre ensures that the taxi fleet is sorted per demand and availability.

Additionally, the centre oversees driver behaviour and their adherence to vehicle monitoring guidelines for a fleet consisting of 400 limousines, 1,000 commercial buses, and 600 delivery motorbikes. Furthermore, it monitors vehicle routes to ensure the safety of transportation operations.

Tracking school buses is of major significance, as the DTC focuses on providing a safe mode of transport for students. The progress of journeys is monitored, as well as student details, and the behaviour of the driver, and in case it is necessary, it provides a prompt safety alert.

According to the RTA, the centre monitors the 5,200 taxis to ensure consistent high-quality service. It takes into account driver needs, provides information about high-demand areas, and collects daily vehicle movement data, all aimed at meeting customer requirements.

Finally, the DTC aims to enhance its automation, utilize big data analysis, and deploy smart systems for top-quality transportation services while maintaining global safety standards, according to RTA.

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