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Digital Skills at SICUREZZA 2023

Digitisation and new technologies turn the spotlight on IT and data protection. SICUREZZA 2023, which will be held from 15 to 17 November 2023 at Fiera Milano, will delve into these issues through the Cyber Security Arena and its training programme with the goal of establishing a digital security culture.’
The evolution of the digital systems had a significant impact on the security world, leading to a radical transformation of said systems and practices – a process that has introduced new challenges but also great opportunities for security professionals.
People no longer limit themselves to search for individual products, but look for more and more articulated and customised solutions according to the needs of the customer or the context. These are complex, integrated and interconnected new architectures that require careful management and design.
Thus, constant skill and information updating is essential, both to ensure the proper operation of the installed products and to maximise their potential for use, protecting the professionals involved, who are given increasing regulatory responsibility for these systems.
For this reason, SICUREZZA, one of the leading European trade events and scheduled to take place at Fiera Milano (Rho) from 15 to 17 November 2023, has also chosen to give value and space to training in this edition. To expand the exhibition programme, which will feature many leading companies in the sector, there will be an extensive conference and workshop programme open to industry professionals. The highlights of the programme include the well-established Cyber Security Arena, the training and information programme dedicated to digital security and built around the needs of manufacturers, security managers and installers.

The Cyber Security Arena 2023 Takes Shape
The challenge that all sectors are facing, along with digitisation, is that of cyber security. Cyber-attacks are increasingly common today, putting personal data, business processes and business assets at risk, and 43% of business leaders believe they are likely to fall victim to a cyber-attack in the next two years. That is why it is necessary to work to defend against such threats.
Moreover, even the Italian NNRP has recognised the importance of this topic, establishing significant investments to enhance skills and research in terms of digital security. It is no coincidence that, as the WEF Global CyberSecurity Outlook 2023 confirms, corporate choices in the next two years will be increasingly influenced by topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (20 per cent), cloud technology (19 per cent) and new user identity and access management systems (15 per cent).
This scenario calls for prompt action, yet security managers, CISOs, and top management often continue to speak different languages.
For this reason, SICUREZZA 2023 is once again offering the Cyber Security Arena, a project by Business International, the events and education unit of Fiera Milano, created to provide a broad vision of the upcoming Cyber Security and Data Protection scenarios.
Following a well-established format, the Arena will host alternating Cyber Security Talks, in-depth meetings with sector experts who will offer their views on the main trends in the industry, and Cyber Security Tips, short training sessions with suggestions and good practices of immediate application.
Four talks are scheduled over the three days of the fair.
The first day will focus on the convergence and integration of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), an increasingly relevant aspect especially for industrial processes and the manufacturing sector. The evolution of systems in this direction brings considerable opportunities and at the same time security risks.
On the second day, in the morning, the international geopolitical situation will be presented together with cyber attack scenarios. We will discuss this with the institutional representatives of the Italian Ministry of Defence and the ACN-National Authority for Cybersecurity and Copasir, key experts in geopolitics and cyber security, and the C-levels of the main companies representing Italy’s critical infrastructures. In the afternoon, leading experts will discuss the business impact of the “emerging technologies” such as AI that are revolutionising the way we live and work, offering insights into the tools offered by Cyber Threat Intelligence.
On the third day in the morning, the topic of Cyber Security Compliance will be addressed. In the face of an evolving regulatory framework, with its associated requirements, it is necessary to know how to adapt. The event will feature contributions from leading legal experts in the field who will present and advise participants on how to align procedures and any supporting technologies to make their organisations truly compliant. The afternoon will be dedicated to Cyber Awareness, meaning the creation of a system to develop personal and professional skills among corporate personnel so that they are able to prevent possible critical situations.
The tips will offer practical and easy-to-apply information on key cyber risk analysis tools, the main trends in cyber attacks, and the risks and damage that ineffective cybersecurity management can cause in the smart city and smart building ecosystem.
An intense programme designed and thought out for a market that is experiencing a veritable digital revolution: the culture of security is created also through the implementation of training initiatives aimed, on the one hand, at raising end-user awareness and, on the other hand, at creating highly professional specialised skills to enhance the value of our young talents and to increase, extend or evolve skills by reskilling certain types of senior professionals.

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