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Keyless Locking for Trade Show & Exhibition Booths

Protecting booths at trade shows is a challenge. After all, exhibitors want a constant stream of high traffic, especially from people they are meeting for the first time. It’s why they attend such large-scale fairs.

Relying on exhibition-provided security is sadly not enough. Individual stands need their own protection — for areas where valuable equipment, product samples or confidential commercial documents are kept.

“Code Handle has a stylish design, easy installation and eliminates the need for physical keys,”

Adelfio Marino, Logistics Centre Manager at ExpoFactory.

Barcelona-based ExpoFactory specialize in the design and build of award-winning exhibition stands for the MICE, retail and habitats/architecture sectors**. They understand that booth security is integral to customers’ needs — and that keeping booths safe is not easy.

They hoped to identify an innovative, modern solution which would be more flexible and convenient than mechanical lock-and-key security.

Two more factors were critical in their choice. Firstly, easy installation, to ensure that fitting locks did not slow down their build process. Secondly, and equally important: The ability to easily reset and reuse devices. ExpoFactory need locks which can be trusted to last.

Everyone has their own PIN — no one carries keys

To replace manual, mechanical keys and cylinders, they chose Code Handle Door, a digital PIN door lock housed within an elegant handle. So far, 60 devices have been equipped.

With a Code Handle, all that’s needed to unlock is a secure 4- to 6-digit PIN. There’s no key to use, lose or track — and no worries that it’s been copied.

“Code Handle has a stylish design, easy installation and eliminates the need for physical keys,” says Adelfio Marino, Logistics Centre Manager at ExpoFactory.

Installation is fast: the Code Handle fits over a standard cylinder and is fixed in place by two screws. Batteries slot inside for a minimal footprint. There’s no wiring or software to worry about. When the event is finished, it’s simple to reset the device ready to incorporate in another trade show stand.

Code Handle instantly upgrades booth security. It makes sure only the right people have access, not just anyone who happens upon the key. With no keys to track, organizing stand security is easier, too. Everyone on the stand works faster because they don’t wait for a keyholder to appear. With Code Handle, the team leader chooses up to 9 different PINs for authorized staff (and cancels them anytime).

It’s also a convenient digital solution tailor-made for busy trade shows: “Everything was easy and effective,” adds Adelfio. “And it makes our final product of higher quality. The customer prefers it.”

With its unique combination of durability, stylish design and ease-of-use, the Code Handle digital lock has already been deployed to separate public and private spaces in all kinds of settings — from clinics and pharmacies to shops and home offices.


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