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Cyber Security Council Launches ‘Ethical Hacker’ Training Course

Source: WAM

 The Cyber Security Council has launched the “Ethical Hacker” specialised training course as part of the training programmes under the “Cyber Sniper” initiative, which the council launched last year in partnership with the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

The Cyber Sniper initiative is a key element of the council’s comprehensive strategy to secure the country’s digital infrastructure, support secure digital transformation, and increase government entities’ readiness to address emerging cyber threats and develop their capabilities to counter them.

The Ethical Hacker course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand cyber-attack methods and techniques, and how to test information systems and networks for vulnerabilities (security gaps) before hackers can exploit them.

It also aims to equip participants with advanced penetration testing tools and programmes and best practices for ensuring the security of information systems and networks.

Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Chairman of the UAE Cyber Security Council, emphasised that the Cyber Sniper initiative embodies the country’s unwavering commitment to being a global leader in cyber security. He added, “This initiative contributes to building a strong national workforce in the field of cyber security, capable of protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure and effectively countering evolving cyber threats.”

He pointed out that the initiative is part of the country’s broader efforts to enhance cyber security culture and represents an essential step towards a secure digital future for the UAE.

This training is conducted with leading international cyber security partners such as SANS, EC-Council, and Offsec.

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