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Qatar Hamad Airport: TBS Biometrics Elevating Security

Hamad International Airport (HIA), the primary airport serving Qatar, has chosen a new access control system that integrates technologies from Nedap and TBS. This advanced system is designed to enhance security and streamline access management throughout the airport.

Data centers are the backbone of the digital world, hosting critical data and applications essential for the functioning of businesses globally. In such a high-stakes environment, security and operational efficiency are paramount. Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for data centers, enhancing security protocols and streamlining management processes.

TBS biometrics can be integrated into data centers to ensure robust access control. By deploying biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and facial recognition technology, data centers can guarantee that only authorized personnel access sensitive areas. This high level of security helps prevent potential data breaches and unauthorized access.

TBS biometrics extends beyond traditional access points to provide security at the server rack level. Biometric access control to server racks ensures that only authorized technicians can access the hardware, adding an extra layer of security. This is especially beneficial in preventing insider threats and ensuring that all access events are logged and auditable.

Incorporating TBS biometric systems enables real-time monitoring of access to the data center facilities. The system can generate immediate alerts in case of any unauthorized access attempts, enhancing the response capabilities to potential security incidents. This continuous monitoring plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and security of the stored data.

Data centers handle large workforce management, including IT staff, maintenance crews, and security personnel. TBS biometric solutions streamline workforce management by utilizing biometric data for time & attendance tracking. This reduces payroll discrepancies and promotes accountability, ultimately improving operational transparency and efficiency.


TBS biometrics provide unparalleled security with unique biological authentication, minimizing risks related to data breaches and unauthorized access.


Automated and streamlined processes reduce the time and resources required for manual security checks and employee management.


With biometric authentication at every critical point, insider threats are significantly mitigated, ensuring the safety of sensitive information.

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