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Video Surveillance For The Store: Where To Put The CCTV Cameras

Let’s be honest: thieves of all categories simply adore trading establishments. Someone pulls a wallet out of a woman’s purse while in line, someone opens the cash register at night, or someone shovels things from the counter under their jacket. The video surveillance system will help to punish miscreants. How to make it as effective as possible?

Among the most important criteria are correctly chosen places for installing CCTV cameras. It’s one thing if you have a small shop. In this case, literally, several CCTV cameras will be enough: in the entrance-exit area and the main hall, so that the cash register and counters are visible. But if the store is a little bigger, it is worth considering all the “hot” points.

Let’s start with the most obvious:

  • Trading hall. If its area is large, then several CCTV cameras should be placed around the perimeter
  • Cash desks, as well as checkout areas
  •  Entrances/exits, including rear and emergency exits
  • Warehouses with goods
  • luggage storage
  • The area close to the store

Installation of CCTV cameras in these places is a “must-have”, and it is probably not necessary to explain why exactly. However, there are several places that are often forgotten, but which are no less important.

  • Ramps and loading platforms: more for personal safety, but thefts happen there too.
  • Entrances to service premises: the personal things of employees and store property are often the target of offenders. For example, someone can quickly grab a laptop from the office if the workplace is left unattended.
  • The area with ATMs, top-up terminals, coffee machines, etc.: it is always crowdy here, people stand in lines, get money, wallets… A fishy place for a thief. And a larger predatory “fish” can target an entire ATM, pretending to be a technical specialist!
  • Area with garbage cans: unfortunately, employees of large stores are also not very honest. Taking something expensive to the trash and then picking it up is also a working scheme.
  • A little general advice. In trade establishments, CCTV cameras should be installed in the most visible places. This will become a factor of passive protection. Having felt the watchful “look” of the video surveillance system, the thief will most likely change his mind about committing a crime.

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