December 5, 2023
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Apricum Secures EU Funding for Digital and Green Transition Project

Apricum, a prominent Croatian company specializing in digital and green technology solutions, is delighted to announce its successful selection for an EU-funded project aimed at enhancing competitiveness through investments in the digital and green transition. The project, aptly named “Strengthening Competitiveness through Investments in Digital and Green Transition,” will empower Apricum to strengthen its production capabilities, stimulate market growth, and adapt to evolving industry trends while building on its know-how, certification, and international presence.

Apricum has been allocated a generous budget of HRK 11,274,403.38 (EUR 1,496,462.83503078) to implement cutting-edge digital and green technologies that are supposed to revolutionize its business model and foster sustainable growth. The primary objectives of this initiative include optimizing production processes, ensuring resource efficiency, minimizing waste generation, and establishing long-term market resilience.

KNX Systems at the Helm of Smart Homes

By embracing innovation and digitalization, Apricum intends to streamline its manufacturing processes while promoting a greener and more efficient approach to the production of KNX devices. Today, many smart homes are managed through the worldwide standardized system for building automation, KNX. In short, this means intelligently networking all devices in a building and controlling them from one or various locations, whether by mobile phone, tablet, or computer via the internet (Wi-Fi). This has been part of Apricum’s story from its earliest days as the company has been at the forefront of manufacturing components, modules, and complete KNX devices in Southeast Europe for many years.

Their share in the KNX bus system is a key building block in addressing tomorrow’s climate challenges. By spreading the KNX system, Apricum helps to achieve energy savings of up to 60%.

Apricum has successfully met the high-quality requirements of leading manufacturers, as proven through various audits. Furthermore, they are repeatedly certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The European Union had already recognized their achievements and innovation in high-tech solutions by co-funding the APRICUM-SECURE project – a module for secure encrypted management and electronic monitoring of infrastructure.

Apricum takes pride in its role as the lead applicant for this project. Its company members have more than 30 years of experience in developing KNX devices and maintaining the system.

Leveraging its expertise in developing KNX devices and supplying electronic components for smart home and infrastructure management, Apricum has consistently invested in advanced technology and human resources to enhance its product offerings.

Recognizing the importance of aligning production processes, business functions, and workforce with optimized technology and process management, this project aims to improve just that.

Part of the project is ensuring Apricum’s ongoing success and adaptability in the face of technological disruptions caused by the ongoing armed and trade conflicts, shortages, and inflation.

Digital Transition Will Minimize Human Errors and Waste Production Simultaneously

The project will contribute to the digital transition through various activities.

These include innovating component preparation processes, and implementing software solutions for optimizing and automating processes in a dedicated shop floor. Additionally, software-managed digital pick-and-place machines will enhance process tracking and optimization. The company will also innovate automatic and manual component assembly processes, integrating software solutions to reduce human error and minimize production waste.

Apricum will focus on integrating all manufacturing steps and thereby enhancing final product quality. By using state-of-the-art solder print systems, the need for cleaning and misprints is reduced, reducing waste and facilitating recycling. Reliable and precise pick and place machines avoid waste of components, saving resources. Modern automated optical inspection systems and intelligent reflow soldering ovens ensure minimum energy consumption combined with maximum production quality with high first yield rates.

The project includes the procurement of advanced equipment and software for digitizing the whole manufacturing process, enabling full traceability, and ensuring controlled quality.

Apricum will innovate the product end-assembly processes by implementing software solutions for machine management and process optimization. The project will also involve the integration of new digital technologies for product labeling and packaging, including efficient laser management software and engraving equipment.

The comprehensive digital transformation of Apricum will encompass production and related business functions. This includes integrating software solutions for document and project management, file management, and operational process optimization. Software for accounting process innovation and synchronization with the production process, machine management, and optimization, tracking the pick and place machine workflow, and optimizing business processes will be implemented.

From Germany to China: Strengthening Apricum’s International Presence

In addition to its remarkable achievements in the field of digital and green technology solutions, Apricum has also made significant strides in expanding its workforce and establishing an international presence. With its headquarters in Split, Croatia, Apricum has been successful in creating employment opportunities and fostering a diverse team of professionals dedicated to driving the company’s growth.

Currently, Apricum employs 40 individuals in its Split location, comprising the production department. Meanwhile, the company’s development segment is based in Germany, where it has witnessed substantial growth and assembled an international team. Alongside Germans and Croatians, Apricum now proudly boasts employees from Iran, Spain, and China, among other nationalities.

China stands as the largest buyer of Apricum’s products, accounting for an impressive 70% of the company’s output. The construction boom in China has created an extraordinary demand for Apricum’s offerings.

Finally, Apricum is thrilled to embark on this transformative project, which will not only enhance its competitive position but also contribute to the broader digital and green transition objectives set by the European Union. By embracing digital technologies and sustainable practices, Apricum is committed to creating a greener and more efficient future for the benefit of its customers.

About Apricum

Apricum is a leading Croatian company specializing in digital and green technology solutions. With a focus on developing KNX technology and electronic components for smart home and infrastructure management, Apricum strives to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers. Apricum is committed to driving the digital and green transition in its industry through cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approaches.

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